Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Blowing up trolls with nukes

I’ve been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 for a while now, it’s a co-op RPG game with turn based combat and a pretty decent story. But the main hooks that it has going for it are the devilishly hard “Honor Mode” and the freedom it gives you to manipulate the environment. The typical “Classic Mode” difficulty breaks it down into a basic co-op RPG with lots of side quests, but Honor mode turns it into something quite different, where every single fight starts off with you at a disadvantage, a lethal disadvantage that will lead to you being killed. Oh, and if all party members die in Honor mode, it deletes your save.

So you have to get creative if you want to avoid being instantly slammed by most encounters, simply fighting your way normally through the game is likely to make you die and end up having to restart over and over. Thankfully, the game offers a lot of utility abilities to make dealing with these situations easier, like teleporting objects and creatures around, or getting bonuses from high ground. It’s this setup that allows characters to punch well above their weight, such as fighting the son of a god in the starting level of the game and winning through careful positioning and skipping the cutscene.

One of the most impressive things you can do is kill a character going by the name of Grog the Troll, who you encounter in the second act, and is designed to be fought in the final act of the game. He is almost double the level of players and is fully capable of wiping the party with ease, as well as being able to regenerate his entire hitbar every turn. By normal combat means, it is impossible to kill him in the second act. Unless you build a nuke and blow him to bits.

In my own honor mode run we’ve achieved this. He drops a really strong ring for the late game, making our suicidal run of the game just that bit easier.

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