The End of Zidonuke

The face you’re looking at belongs, or rather belonged to David Gregory Brown (1991-2018), also known as Zidonuke in the furry fandom. This greasy-haired picture of him was taken last year after a car crash that left two passengers, members of the furry fandom Kalili Youngblood and Galonodel, dead. At first glance you might think that it was simply a tragic accident, but that wasn’t the case.

The reality was that this was a high-speed police chase with Zidonuke driving at up to 119mph in a BMW, as measured by the car’s computer just before the impact. This was after ignoring a traffic stop and running a red light to escape. He was then dragged out of the car by the pursuing officer who attempted to fight the fire of the now burning car. Kalili Youngblood died of blunt trauma on impact, while Galonodel burned alive, trapped in the back seat of the car. He pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter and was due to be sentenced February 23rd, 2018.

He committed suicide last week on February 21st, 2018, before he could be sentenced.

There were previous traffic charges of speeding and erratic lane changes in 2010 and 2014, but what the furry fandom truly remembers Zidonuke for, is the destruction he brought to online communities, including furry ones. A prolific hacker, Zidonuke’s early exploits included the creation of the cheat “YiffCraft” in conjunction with Mark Dietzer, also known as Doridian for MineCraft. The cheat client was unusual in that it didn’t just offer an unfair advantage to the user, but that it allowed the user of the cheat to crash the servers they were playing on.

Yiffcraft prominently displayed the Second Life avatars of self-confessed zoophile Doridian and Zidonuke

There’s good reason to believe that Zidonuke was involved also in Doridian’s MCAdmin plugin for Minecraft, the reigning admin plugin before bukkit, which came to collapse after it was revealed that MCAdmin had a backdoor programmed into it, breaching the security of the majority of minecraft servers at that time. He released an unofficial craftbukkit build before going on a rampage over the top 100 minecraft servers with the crash feature of the hacked client.

Zidonuke’s attitude in the SL community of 2011 was unsurprisingly poor, including being banned from SLUniverse after having his posts censored for matching IP addresses up to individuals after logging them.

In 2011 he also became a developer for Pokemon World Online (PWO) on July 14th. Four days later, on July 18th, he posted the following message in game:

This message was the first of many issues that took until August 15th to resolve.

What followed was a massive attack on PWO that crippled the game and forums over the course of a month. Every user was affected, with staff IRC accounts being hacked, PWO’s data and server side code being deleted, the entire username/password data for users being released and DDoS attacks following.

In February 2011 Zidonuke was a coder and administrator for F-List, but was caught spying on users via a TCP dumper and promptly banned. It was then revealed that he had put backdoors in place throughout the site, and immediately set to work causing damage to the site. All users were made admins, bans were removed and the source code was posted online. All users were able to see E-mail addresses, IPs and user logs while the attacked site was still up. It took 5 days to restore F-List to working condition from backups.

Soon after he dropped out of college.

Late 2011 he released a griefing and hack client for Terraria. He later worked on TShock, which took a huge publicity hit from having him part of the team. This eventually lead up to the pulling of StarryBound in 2014 which raises many points, including collusion between Adam Walker, also known as Crashdoom, Doridian and Zidonuke.

In 2014, despite this, Zidonuke was announced as the new member for development on FurAffinity, under the sockpuppet account StarryKitten. All hell broke loose after it was revealed, and digital sleuthing revealed more troubling things about him. Despite claims that he was no longer involved in hacking, at the time this screenshot was taken, he was still a regular HackForums user:

Naughty, naughty, Zidonuke still active in the security exploit community when this image was taken back in 2014

He kept a low profile for a couple of years until the car crash on January 2017, with the onset of having to actually take real responsibility for his blatant disregard for other people setting in, the effects of it clear with the impending court case and later sentencing.

That’s the last we’ll hear of Zidonuke.


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