Thanks for giving me your accounts

Not really, it’s more annoying than anything. It’s not too big of a secret that my e-mail address had to be registered in the first few hours was brought online, and as a result I now have a surprisingly popular address that is subject to a lot of accidental attention. That’s what you get for naming it after a YTMND meme from 2005

I think I’m going to make this clear though, signing up to places with a random e-mail you think couldn’t possibly be used is a bad idea. There have been tens of people who thought my one wasn’t used, or wasn’t a real address. The first thing I do when I find out is immediately reset the password and get into the account that apparently now belongs to me. See, it says right there on the account, it belongs to the owner of that e-mail, which is me, not them.

I’ve been inside facebook accounts, fast food sites, etc, it’s crazy what people will just sign up to with an impossible e-mail address. Some were even stupid enough to leave their payment details in the accounts, and were very lucky that I simply deleted the account rather than empty their bank accounts or send 100 pizzas to their door, on them. I’m never malicious, but a bit of fun is in order if you’re silly enough to register your social media under someone else’s e-mail address.

Fair warning kids, if that e-mail isn’t yours, then neither is your account.

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