GyLala : My Zoophile, Communist Stalker

I really wasn’t kidding about the communist part. Remember kids, 85-100 million killings under totalitarian regimes is cool now.

I have to make it clear that this blog isn’t going to turn into endless drama posts, but if history and 1945 taught us anything, it’s that sometimes you need to take the nuclear option to deter future worse outcomes. So here goes.

A spam bot at heart

This is GyLala, he’s a communist furry from Hungary that has been pestering me on and off for about a year now. He mostly hangs out on his steam account.

Normally I wouldn’t run into people like this, but he made a steam group and used a group invite spam bot (of which there are many) to send out invites to it to half of the furries on steam, myself and all my friends included.  I told him it was steam community bannable to spam invites across steam, and his reaction can still be found on my thoroughly vandalised World of Text.

This is one of those things that makes less sense the more you read it.

Unsurprisingly, this steam group stopped getting any new members shortly after Steam stopped allowing people to send invites to people on on their friend lists. The same applies to his personal group GyLala Community, which was similarly invite botted, hassling thousands of people on steam.

Only the beginning

Unfortunately this wasn’t the last I’d be seeing of GyLala, for he had free NEET time on his hands and felt like some revenge was needed for the personal slight. Unsurprisingly the weapon of choice is the rumor mill/grapevine, which helps to ensure that anything can be said about me so long as it has not one scrap of evidence or direct confrontation behind it. Instead, I get regular messages that follow the same kind of pattern, which is “everyone hates you”, which after some pressing turns to “GyLala hates you and won’t stop whining in his Telegram group”.

Apparently I’ve become deserving of the title of “enemy”, goodness knows what happens when he has actually been wronged, I imagine he melts into a puddle like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

The most irritating part of grapevining is that unless you start collecting every scrap of information from the beginning, it’s very difficult to get a comprehensive list of what people claim has been said about you. Instead you’re going to have to take my word for it on this one, with some of the claims being put forward against me being outrageous.

I’m sure there’s no living person around that would believe the odd and poorly thought out claims that I hate furries/foxes etc, but one of the biggest rumors that has been spread by this guy is that I hate deaf people, or discriminate against people with hearing difficulties. This angers me to no end because my brother has hearing difficulties and I’m unable to even begin to comprehend how mind-numbingly stupid you would have to be to accuse me of this when in parts of my childhood I was considered his translator to my parents.

I legitimately feel like I want to throw up watching this degenerate throw his disability on me as a weapon. If this was the sole reason for the writing of this blog article, it would be deserving of the entire post.

Dive into the abyss

Trying to prove it is a pain, but luckily for me in this case however they’ve been careless enough to let it slip that they’re complaining in a Telegram chat, which can be dumped and saved quite easily. This means that I can hop in, and start saving out some screencaps before I’m detected. If all goes wrong I can always get a buddy to take a look through for me. So let’s go covert ops, change my telegram name and avatar for a little while and see what I can dig up.


TL;DR version: Bestiality, cub porn, child abuse discussion and underage users

Oh yeah, his NSFW telegram is full of minors.

I knew that this was going to be bad to read through, but my expectations for the magnitude were far too low, scrolling back not so far this was turning out to be a deep mine of horrendous things, and zoophilia was next up on the list.

Holy shit.

Well, I never expected quality ramblings, but the irony of “V01d are low IQ” still gets me laughing every time.

Sometimes, when I feel I haven’t been evil enough in the morning, I make sure to add some extra kittens to my lunchbox.

I don’t think he likes seeing pictures of me. Circa 2017.

It really was just about the invite botting thing, wasn’t it?

Or perhaps it’s a jealousy thing? Both? Who knows.

Casual discussion of underage kids having sex with animals

Is there no end to the circles of hell?

Underage users, zoophiles, what next on the bingo card? Pedophiles.

I’m going to need the brain bleach

They’re getting younger and younger.

It’s not illegal to be raped when you’re 11 and 12 if nobody knows about it, apparently.

I’m not a hard right conservative or anything, but that’s concerning.


Asking for zoophilia porn

Yeah, now it’s not even slightly ambiguous

You sick fuck.

One more for good measure! Somebody call this guy’s parents.


Size difference? Hard to tell when the artist is well-known cub artist Aogami

Most of GyLala’s FurAffinity is just shockingly awful artwork drawn by him, but there are a few interesting glimpses here and there, most notably this commission that he bought from Aogami, a well known cub artist who is typically contacted through InkBunny. Cub porn or not, it’s hard to believe that anyone could simply get to the state of contacting and commissioning Aogami by accident, he’s not active or popular on FurAffinity due to the cub ban.

What the hell is this even supposed to be?

Why does this even exist?

It’s not just bad, it’s traced

There’s something off about the drawings, like the chunky proportions but strangely consistent perspective. There’s a good reason for that, they’re traced screenshots.

GyLala’s Artwork, seems legit

What model in question? That would be Reoxur’s furry playermodels. Specifically he had an old fox model these were traced from, but all that exists of it is this reskin of it, which you can find here:

One of Reoxur’s old fox models, there is a version without the visor. Notice the identical traits.

Here come the comments!

I don’t think this guy got the memo that if you want to look like several people you should change your IP address!

Hey, is it just me or do all these look similar? I hope none of these are real e-mails!

Let’s not leave it to guessing though, let’s see where that address is on the map and who his ISP is via a quick lookup:

Ah, Hungary! Looks like GyLala has read the blog post. Here’s a location and his ISP.

Uh, no, that’s the same IP buddy, and I don’t think you should be mentioning sucking kids.

An army of degenerates

There are some true fools who think that the best way to make a point about how awful I am is to send angry messages or spam my profile messages, as though that’s going to deface me or make me want to take the blog post down. What actually happens is they get featured here as well, grab your popcorn.

The special forces units they’re sending against me are, admittedly, special.

These telegram messages did make me laugh though. They also tried spamming my profile before realising steam has a comment limit cooldown:

He was then unable to place another comment for an hour when the cooldown kicked in.

Seeing as “Gay” is on the list of my presumed wrongs and “faggot” is being thrown about, this guy’s pretty insecure about his sexuality. A couple minutes of googling shows that his IP changing bragging doesn’t reflect his real security:

Naturally he’s on Steam and FurAffinity, but more interestingly is he’s on Twitter under the name “Szabó Gergő” and that he also has a previous twitter account with his face on it:

TinEye assures me this is unique. Now we have an idea of what we’re dealing with, someone who can’t shave.


Of course, this isn’t the only person popping up. The next one looked a little bit familiar, too:

Remember, you don’t need to take responsibility if you have an un-named mental deficiency.

The high ground attempt doesn’t take off when you’re defending people who want to have sex with dogs, and that the commenter is ArizonaVixen (and their sockpuppet), who we last screencapped saying this:

It’s not illegal to be raped when you’re 11 and 12 if nobody knows about it, apparently.

If the avatar resemblance didn’t hit you yet, they are “……..” in GyLala’s chat. Really explains why they’re trying the moral high ground, having been caught attesting that child abuse is legal so long as you don’t tell anyone.

Well, I dislike pedophiles as much as zoophiles, let’s have a looksie who they are.

It’s not even slightly surprising any more that I’m not dealing with respectable people

Of course, the awful fetish art is being drawn by a 17 year old minor, and if you’d like to punish your eyes some more, you can find their DeviantArt gallery. They’re also on FurAffinity, where they’ve lied and put their age as 18. They’ve got a Twitter that’s hidden away too.

I’ll file a ticket to FA about it, but historically I’ve been unable to get FurAffinity to punish someone who claimed to be underage on their FurAffinity profile, and chronologically had been commissioning pornography since the age of 14. Don’t keep your hopes up on that one, but if anything it’ll serve for a future blog post on FurAffinity’s lax stance on minors.


I didn’t really expect to get this much off a dive into the telegram group, this blog post is going to be a work in progress while me and my buddies get everything collected up on this guy. It’s going to be a hell of a task. Stay tuned.


  1. Hey, I know this guy from a specific game, he told me about this, I’m wondering WHAT caused all this between you both, If you stated above I didn’t really understand, can you explain a bit please? Thanks in advance !

    1. The article covers GyLala’s (poor) reasoning for hassling me the past year.

      Upon discovery that his shit-stirring goes hand in hand with discussions about having sex with animals and covering up child sexual abuse with minors in his NSFW Telegram, I don’t see how any reasonable person could possibly think this is some sort of petty dispute.

  2. Yo, I know this is an old thread, but I hope you will get back to me anyways. So Gylala is in Blankball’s server (A countryball youtuber) Which his community is mostly constituted of minors. We have called-out that Gylala was a child predator by showing all the proof that showed, but the owner said it was all fake and demoted any admins that would ban Gylala. This is a disgusting case, I would appreciate if we could maybe talk more about this case on discord. My discord is You’re lacking the permission#0001 (DiscordID:785208098150809610)
    Anyways, I hope you will see this.

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