Fuck Patreon

Is it possible not to associate this with psychological cash-grabs these days? I’m skeptical.

Patreon as a model has been extremely irritating in the furry community for quite a while now. Originally starting as a monthly tip jar for friends and artists, it’s quickly become abused for the sake of bilking money out of patrons. I’ve tried to avoid it for so long, I really have, but it has gotten to the point where I can’t play along with this ludicrous model and I’m unable to stop myself being affected by its rising popularity. I’m going to start labeling these Patreon techniques wildly used as “Naytreons”, and you should too.

Is your Patreon a Naytreon? Let’s find out with some examples:

  • Raffles – This has essentially the same problems as any lottery. To win the average person would have to spend way more than the prize is worth. It’s misleading and unethical. These are extremely common with furry Patreons.
  • Exclusive commissions – Trying to secure a commission slot to pay an artist to draw for you is difficult with competition normally. Now with the advent of Patreon, you have to pay in order to compete with the 50 other people who pay for a chance at a commission. Your chances have actually decreased because everyone who wants a commission is now paying for that chance. Why are we PAYING for a CHANCE to pay the artist?
  • Hard paywalls – This is a business model that doesn’t even work for conglomerations of furry artists. Do you know how many people subscribe to HardBlush nowadays? They are operating at a loss now, and their personal image is the only valuable thing they have left. It also sucks for your fans who aren’t interested in joining the equivalent of a one-person paysite. Also anyone who wants to bypass it just has to go to Yiff.Party and don’t even bother with tools to ‘invisible watermark’ your stuff nowadays. This isn’t 2008, there are neural networks that will complete annihilate any invisible watermarking.
  • Soft paywalls – For when you don’t want to look like a paywall. Everything is posted online, but at tiny, jpeg compressed resolution. Wake-up call for you guys, it’s 2018, on modern displays 1280×1280 is the size of the start menu on your computer. Did you also know that Waifu2x is going to put this model out of business soon? That’s right, a neural net that upscales artwork to visible resolutions and removes jpeg compression artifacts.

Patreon is also pure evil when it comes to collecting payments. It performs some nasty tricks to try and keep you subscribed. Have a look at the cancellation process:

  • When you go to cancel, Patreon will attempt to bill you for the remainder of a month for content you’ve already accessed.
    • Sounds fair right? No. I joined a pledge on May 28th, billed June 1st and it’s July 1st today. I’m exiting before I’m billed for another month.
    • Because of this, Patreon tried to bill me anyway, and was forcing me to choose between keeping my pledge or wasting money on a month’s membership that I don’t even fucking GET.
    • The only way to get around this is to remove Patreon payments on your PAYPAL account and allow the payment to bounce.
    • No doubt someone is going to get a notification that I bounced a payment and call me a scammer. Well, fuck you patreon, you permanently stick your users in a state of don’t cancel, or burn money to leave.
      • This kind of shit is regularly pulled by other evil subscription services like your ISP and phone company.


Patreon trying to charge me for a month that I won’t even receive content for. Go fuck yourself, Patreon.

Patreon doesn’t mention that it can’t hold money that they don’t even have ransom. PayPal gives no shits.


I can honestly say that I don’t want to ever get involved in the mess that is Patreon ever again. I’d rather artist commission prices be higher than pay for the chance to receive the privilege of giving them more money.

And fuck this paywall nonsense, I’m not going to pay for all of the 5000 different personal paywalls that you artists put up, even your pledgers likely use Yiff.Party for other patreons because there’s no other choice when you’re already spending up to your limit on bypassing paywalls.

What a sad state of affairs.




  1. I don’t know… I’m not a fan of this article. While Patreon is abused it does help many artists make a living without having to drown in commissions.

    As for Hard Blush, they’re the ones still selling monthly subscriptions to access poorly compressed jpegs.

    I pay about $125/mo in total for all the patrons I’m on and I love it. It’s not that much in the grand scheme of my budget. Obviously this isn’t everyone.

    But honestly no one is entitled to free art and sites like yiff party, which you made sure to advertise, fucks over mainly the small time artists. It’s also ran by nazis from 8chan.

    1. Patreon is supposed to be a tip jar, but it’s actually a roach motel which charges you for leaving and artists either intentionally or unintentionally use some really questionable tactics to make sure people don’t feel like dropping off.

      Hardblush sells jpeg access, okay? But jpeg or not paywalls are not effective.

      $1500 a year on a rolling ‘tipjar’ service is pretty strange.

      Yiff Party is run by ‘8chan nazis’. Well first of all Yiff.Party isn’t a site about nazism so how does this matter at all? You think I’m advertising Yiff.Party because I don’t censor the name? Ridiculous assumption. Circumvention of Patreon paywalls is trivial and not a secret, the idea that I have to avoid saying the name of a place that easily circumvents Patreon paywalls is security through obscurity AKA not security for the past 100 years.

      “No one is entitled to free art” – You are saying this to a prolific commissioner who has put thousands of dollars into the furry art mini-industry. Why are you implying people who don’t stand for paywalls are simply entitled?

      Do you think a future where paywalling becomes the norm is a good idea? Do you think that a future where in order to even view more than a cropped ‘preview’ of an art piece that the artist drew because they felt like it, not for someone else, is good for the atmosphere of the fandom? Do you think that a future where you have to pay to even attempt to pay more money to commission an artist makes for a good fandom atmosphere?

      I am all for rewarding artists where they go out of their way to make things better for consumers. There are also, however, many good ways to make more money by shitting on consumers, like forcing them to pay before they can have a chance to commission you so that you gain money from the 10-30 people that missed out that month. Or you could do a raffle which requires the average person to pay $500 on average before they receive a “win” for a $100 commission. This is supposed to be a ‘tip jar’, it’s just a hack on human psychology: get them rolled into a regular payment cycle of small payments each money that add up to hundreds or thousands over time.

      You say that $125 a month is not much in the grand scheme of your budget? Well, perhaps you’re just richer or more ‘dedicated’, but I have to wonder what you get for $1500, because for $1500 you could just buy a full fursuit instead of paying in for a bunch of discord roles, commission ‘opportunities’ and raffles.

    2. Says the Patreon SHILL with a FURRY avatar.

      I don’t know what’s worse; people who download free art from Patreon,
      or people who pay Patreon artists $125 a month for the same art.

      The bottom line; the art’s gonna be leaked regardless.
      But, I guess you love wasting your money. To each their own.

    3. I do agree that patreon helps artists but the problem is that it may not be the most affordable for everyone, especially if people around the globe like me want to view the contents. I would heavily appreciate it if patreon can create a monthly subscription fee to view certainly artists/all artist like Netflix n we can still support them nonetheless. Its usually bcuz of expensive fees on patreon, that’s why there’s yiff party n lesser patrons. Personally i think patreon developers team is earning too much from each creator n their patrons…. 😢Its really affecting others especially since patreon is being more widely used around the world

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