Terrible character design

Have you ever seen a character that you cannot help but sigh at? Something so poorly though out or original that you wonder what on earth the person owning it was thinking when they made it. There’s a shocking amount of characters like this in the furry fandom, so here’s a list of the some of the traps you don’t want to fall in when making your character:

  1. Too many colors AKA Sparkledog – Don’t be that guy that has 10 different bright colors on their character. Stick to a solid color scheme that doesn’t look like a neon mess.
  2. Rainbow Sparkledogs – What’s worse than having too many bright colors? Having the entire spectrum of bright colors on your character.
  3. Shadow Assassin – Oh your character is an assassin? Does he also happen to be a scarred black wolf with murdered parents? You should try not making a bad fanfiction stereotype of a character.
  4. Flames coming out of one/both eyes – Makes you look like you’re trying to be an anime badass, while making them look ridiculous.
  5. Thicc AKA Obese – Do you seriously think making your character look like they belong on “My 600-lb Life” is a good idea? As a side note, adding a word replacer to your browser that replaces “thicc” with “morbidly obese” makes this much more hilarious.
  6. Excessively complicated Tattoos – Nobody can draw these correctly, so 90% of the time it gets drawn out flat and added as a layer, making your commissions look terrible.
  7. Heterochromia – Rare condition that affects about 0.25% of people and 50% of furry characters, can’t you think of other ways to make your character interesting than different eye colors?
  8. Based on an anime/movie character – What the hell are you even thinking? Have bonus points for contributing to the “furries ruin everything” problem.
  9. The generic – Hello no-marking orange fox and grey wolf. Thanks for contributing to the pool of characters that all look identical. What’s the point of having your unique character if it’s impossible for anyone to distinguish them from 1000 others, it’s laziness.
  10. Lazy design AKA You tried – Oh, your character is a fox, except all of his fur is pink. Completely red cat with white belly? You’re so creative.
  11. Copycat – Oh, you like Artica? Better make a complete clone with slightly different markings.
  12. Information overload AKA Complicated character fee – You know what your character needs? Horns, and antlers, and don’t forget tattoos, scales, a scorpion stinger, four arms, fur tufts, abnormal ears, gradient fur patterns and a custom species. It’ll help hide up the fact that you SUCK at design.
  13. Douchebag – So you’ve avoided the above traps? Well, not wanting to avoid being put into one category or other, you’d better start making your character as unlikable as you possibly can. Make them blackmail people, hack into their accounts, commit robbery, assault and murder and all-around act like a complete edgelord. Just remember to make sure you make an unrealistic world that doesn’t immediately imprison or beat their ass because after all, you’re the God of your own creation.
  14. Clashing color scheme – Don’t put neon green next to neon red, you look fucking terrible. Yes, that includes Majira Strawberry, just look at any art piece he’s ever received, that’s why you don’t put neon purple, green and yellow all next to eachother. Mischief makers had to pull off a fucking miracle to prevent him looking like some sort of monsterĀ  from a nightmare about candy crush.
  15. Otherkin – I’m getting really fed up with dealing with these retards. No, that’s not your ‘biological body’, you’re mentally ill. Even if it was, you change it every 2 months so how the hell does that work?
  16. Feral animals – You’re really not making a good case for yourself when your character is a feral dog. Oh, and you just had it drawn being fucked by an anthro or human, because you want everyone to know you’re into bestiality and want to fuck dogs.
  17. Proprietary species – Sergals are a big example, and it’s not their design that’s terrible, it’s that they are provided on a proprietary license. Now everyone is doing this, and in some cases you can’t even make a character of a certain design unless you pay because of “closed species”. You know primagens that are being sold? I know the guy who invented their design years before and he never gave permission for them to be made a closed species and sold. If he wasn’t such an uncaring edgelord they could be made free again, but until then you’re just fucked. God forbid you try making money off a character of a species that someone has pretend-copyrighted.
  18. Wings – Are you an avian? Do you only want to get solo pictures? That had better be the case because these look silly on anything else and take up the entire space of a given image. No wonder most artists will charge you for them or not draw them at all. Try not looking like you decided to be an angel as an afterthought.
  19. Demon/Satan – So your mental age is 10 years old. I bet you can’t go 10 minutes without calling something autistic, drawing a swastika or spouting a racial slur.
  20. Bad prosthetics – I hope you have a good story to go with those cybernetic enhancements that doesn’t devolve to “my cybernetic eye helps me with hacking”. If you don’t want to fall under the category of shit cybernetics, get it designed by someone like Strype and make sure that it makes sense. Robotic arms don’t make you stronger, they’re heavy and need power supplies. It doesn’t make you a super hero.
  21. Shapeshifter – Please just decide on a character design.

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