Popular artist improvement

Sometimes it’s nice to look at the improvement that popular artists have made over time. For example Zeta-Haru:



You can really see how he’s improved on lighting and especially that neat fur shading visible on the tail, hair, ears. The tail looks less tacked on and the background is nicer. There’s just one thing that feels off here.


The dates are REVERSED

The second image was a recent YCH auction that went for $500. The quality has gotten lazy and the pricing has gone through the roof. I mean, the posing is also just so dull for an artist that’s been considered automatically $300+ on auctions for the past 4 years. Compare it to 4 years ago when people started taking real interest in his artwork:

That’s more like it, not obscuring half of the body of a character so you don’t have to draw it and tacking the tail on as an afterthought. Look at the highlights and how they’re missing from the recent pictures. This new work is much less appealing, if not for how the FA economy really works (popularity contests, ego wars), these pieces would stop selling for maximum price. It’s just outright greedy.

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