Saying “No” to Jasonafex, Kabier and company

A bigger note, because this article’s popularity won’t stop growing:

If you pulled this article off Google as your first choice be warned, it’s 3 years old and I’m not updating it! Please seek an alternative source!

A small note: Since the publication of this article there have been numerous, more severe events better documented elsewhere than here, including Jasonafex’s 1 month FA ban for uploading sexually suggestive audio of a 15 year old minor and other controversies. Until an update is made, other sources will have more up to date information.

I have observed this for too long, and now I have to speak about it.

The various controversies surrounding Jason “Jasonafex” Grant have been going on for several years now. It’s a good idea to take a look at the history behind all of this before moving on to his current activities and why you should be protesting against the plans that he has for the furry fandom.

There’s a lot to cover and we can’t afford missing out details, so buckle up and get ready for the ride. It’s a big one.

The history of Jason “Jasonafex” Grant

Act 1 – The e621 beginning

In 2010, before anyone really knew who he was, the only thing he was up to was posing modified TF2 pyro models with gigantic tits to create TF2 porn. I’ll spare the reader from having to witness them, but you can still find posts from 2010-2012 of his early endeavors, which feature some photoshop work that eventually progressed into the work on his animations.

But, his actual interactions with the furry fandom began with the popularity of his early animations on e621, in fact, his success in general can be attributed to e621’s system for uploads. His early comments date back to 2012, and he can be seen making relatively reasonable comments, discussing the animations, sometimes responding well to criticism and admitting mistakes. A few people weren’t fans of the tweening he was performing, but for the most part people enjoyed his early work.

This began to change over time, however, as over the next three years people started to notice that while the tweened animations were still being made, they weren’t improving, and the limits had been reached. New, real animators started rising up in popularity, and Jasonafex was completely outdone by the works of Zonkpunch, an artist who could do Jasonafex’s job better than he could. The comments on his submissions started discussing stagnation and pointing out mistakes and lower quality; the standards for animations had moved on since 2012, and Jasonafex had unfortunately not.

Even more controversy started when people began to mention that he picked the most popular images on e621 and would animate those, in effect piggybacking more off of the work of the best furry artists in a chance to slap his logo onto a furry favorite piece.

Unfortunately, rather than simply admit that he was at his technical limit and be humble with regards to the other animators, or just ignore the comments, Jason invented his own third option, and declared war on the people that were once his fans.

Jasonafex had started arguing about the quality of his animations, and he wasn’t being subtle about it. In fact, he flaunted the success that he had gained from his e621 fans, to his e621 fans. Even in this reply people note the fact that he was never this hostile on the site. Perhaps the commenters he replied to were unreasonable, but his meltdown started a downward spiral of hostility between Jasonafex and e621.

This downward spiral would see his reputation built on e621 erased in a matter of weeks, and his later comments show that all that he managed to do was throw fuel onto the fire he had started. His reputation as a vile egotist was cemented.

However, while all this was going on, other controversies had started to spike up.

Act 2 – Development hell

Jasonafex was not content with his use of Photoshop, After Effects and Flash to create tweened animations on work already done by other artists. He decided that he needed to start becoming a Game Developer, which actually boiled down to him making tweened animations, and expecting someone else to code the thing for him.

Intermission 1 – Bare Backstreets

He decided to build a game called Bare Backstreets, a side scrolling beat ’em up featuring his raptor fursona as the playable character. If you are interested in seeing how that turned out, have a look here. To give a brief summary, the movements and controls are stiff and glitchy, and the gimmick is simply that enemies have sex with you. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless you want to practice your skills of playing a game while jerking off to Jason’s fursona.

This had a Patreon, but it has been shelved after the money was taken and nothing came of it, citing “until a 3D remake” as the excuse. Jasonafex likely isn’t capable of making a completed 3D game, though. This managed to earn Jason quite a pretty penny, though.

It’s probably no big loss for the fandom, other than money, because it was a self-admitted horrible buggy mess that would choke under any kind of testing load.

Intermission 2 – Amorous

Chances are that you’ve probably heard of Amorous, the furry dating sim developed between Jason and his girlfriend Kabier. And some programmers who kept leaving. Amorous actually hit development hell, with infrequent updates and struggles keeping developers interested in the project. This is likely due to unrealistic expectations for programmers and a underestimation of how valuable their skills are.

The game itself is a relatively dry dating sim with predictable scenarios. To most furries, it exists as something to skip through to get to the various sex scenes that are bundled with the game. It simply doesn’t have the depth of a game like Morenatsu which could be considered the ‘holy grail’ of furry visual novels. There’s a lot of focus on tweening and sex scenes in Amorous and not a whole lot of character exploration or good writing. Heck, right off the bat there’s a branch where you can just fuck your brother so that you can reach a sex scene as early as possible.

This game naturally had a Patreon of its own as well, which has since been converted into a new Patreon for a later game, but not before there were 5  Patreons running at the same time.

The character creator for the game even has a Patreon under the label Fursona Creator. On top of this, Jasonafex and Kabier also have their own patreons. Five Patreons, if there’s one thing the couple is good at, it’s printing money through clever use of the Patreon service.

If you want to read about some issues with Patreon, check them out here!

There were also problems regarding backers who put over $750 into the game each, with Jasonafex putting out a journal claiming that he would illegally not put their characters into the game if they didn’t respond by a certain deadline, and would instead auction them off for a YCH.

It’s simply illegal to not deliver the rewards promised for the payments, and Jasonafex got significant backlash regarding this. If it wasn’t completely clear, people who didn’t see the journal were at risk of having their $750 slot auctioned off with no refund. Sheesh, hope none of them were on vacation at the time.

Intermission 3 – Killer Kobolds

Jason has had a great new idea for his new game. After witnessing Fek move to 3D and subsequently become the most-paid furry to ever live, Jason has decided to pull off the same thing. Unfortunately he wasn’t anywhere near as successful as Fek was, and his creation was “Killer Kobolds”, which uses the rehashed Amorous Patreon (Yes, they still have 5 patreons right now).

So what’s the aim of this game? Well, it’s actually just another Mafia game, a party game from 1986 that has been rehashed and put out so many times that it’s easy to grow tired of. The most famous iterations, Ultimate Werewolf and Town of Salem, are where he’s drawing his inspiration from. Killer Kobolds aims to be a 3d, furry/scalie version of these games, but at the same time seems to have missed the point that makes these games so good.

Mafia is about paranoia, discussion and plans. All sorts of ruses to catch out hidden players on a “mafia” team who go around killing people are used. It is a game that is entirely hinged around discussion and arguing. In fact, it is this exact same design that was used to make Secret Hitler so fun to play.

However, none of this benefits by putting the game in a 3D world, which serves as more of a distraction and barrier to the core gameplay of Mafia: arguing and trying to deduce truths and lies.

So what have they developed so far? Well, there’s a basic environment set up with a noose platform, and there’s a character model with interchangeable clothes. But the networking side of things just isn’t there, and likely will never be. To understand why that is, you have to understand the difficulties in making a game, and the ease of setting up what you already see.

Unity provides a baseline for idle animations, movements and quickly making a prototype world, which is what you can see in the carefully chosen “previews”. What it doesn’t provide out of the box is the capability for the game’s unique mechanics, and networking can be a particular challenge. Online games are ridiculously difficult to build, you need to handle client-server interactions, deal with interpolation and put in all sorts of safeguards to stop someone just cheating in your game.

Killer Kobolds is also being done on a thread-bare budget, and Jasonafex mentioned that he would only pay 25% to the developer of an online game. That would equal to $250 at its peak, and only $125 now if you would like to check out the Patreon page for it.

Instead, the funding has been directed to making a kobold dating sim of one of the characters to increase hype for the game. As there have been no updates since, it can be assumed that this project is likely to be permanently shelved due to technical constraints and the fact it isn’t making them enough money.

Act 3 – Donation begging scandal

Jasonafex created a GoFund.Me in 2015, just before bragging about his success and popularity, asking for money to help him live in a shed that he had moved into with his partner, Kabier. The archived post for this can be found here. In the same post, Jason complains repeatedly about Kabier’s family, while also depending on them for residence. Meanwhile, he also comments that the comic pages Kabier produces are worth $800 each, which could easily cover rent in real accommodation.

Ultimately they were able to raise $3000 so that they could stick around in a rentless shack, and later went on to start buying luxuries such as a $2000 purebreed shiba inu as well as dog stairs so it could climb up onto the bed. This bed was a mattress on the floor according to their GoFund.Me. Ultimately, Jasonafex and Kabier clearly had the financial resources from the fandom required to rent a decent property, but instead chose to rip off the fandom for even more cash with a fake dire scenario intended to reduce their living costs as much as possible.

In truth, according to the story they had decided to continue living on Kabier’s father’s land for free, which led to this circumstance in the first place. Jasonafex would later go on to admit that they chose to move out of Kabier’s original home in the first place in order to live in unsuitable accommodation due to dislike of Kabier’s father.

Act 4 – Bestiality comic controversy, zoophile admission

There’s never been any evidence that Jasonafex has engaged in bestiality, but he has admitted to being interested in it as a fetish, which lead to a controversy over the Man’s Best Friend With Benefits comic that was made around this time.

This comic made zero allusions to containing ‘feral’ characters that could talk, think and decide for themselves, and actually focuses on picking up a stray dog and having sex with it. It’s concerning, because in light of current zoophile scandals such as KeroTheWolf and StormyTiger the fandom is getting quite fed up with the zoophile presence. Put simply, zoophilia is a mental sickness and the furry fandom doesn’t have to put up with people trying to shunt it in on an otherwise harmless community.

It’s fine, however, according to Kabier, who had commented that people who criticize the bestiality content are “into equally or even more fucked up kinks”. Reality check, other than being a pedophile there’s not much worse you can get there, KabsMcNabs. They’re really not that bothered about that either, seeing as the hookup with jasonafex after you turned 18 was almost certainly predated by interactions beforehand. We may never know, but my cards are on the “pulling creepy shit on an under 18 year old” table.

Act 5 – Undertail Controversy

Kabier released a comic called “Undertail” which drew on the popularity of the game “Undertale” and involved a forced incest storyline between Asriel and his mother. The writing was dramatically bad in order to skip to the sex part as soon as possible, which lead to mass amounts of complaints about the comic on e621. This lead to the duo turning up in the comments to fight back against the various criticisms and only earning them more ire.

They had built up a solid ego on FurAffinity, and often would suggest people comment there instead of on e621, citing that it had more “intelligent discussion”. In truth, FurAffinity has strong blocking capabilities and heavily enforced rules to prevent people from being “offended”, which is ironic considering Jasonafex continuously claims to be an advocate for free speech. It appears that his wish for free speech only extends so far as allowing him to say things without criticism or downvotes.

Ultimately a badly made comic wouldn’t be a controversy, but for the bad attitude that Jasonafex and Kabier decide to display when presenting it. It’s unprofessional considering the amount of money being sunk into their patreons, and this causing friction between the fandom and them.

Kabier, of course, is a censorship queen, and the recent twitter behavior we shall get along to shortly shall help show this off.

Act 6 – Dinoparty, pedophile moderation

Jasonafex built a “Gaming Community” which consists of a Steam group called Dinoparty and a couple of servers. Jason never actually did anything with the community though, he never turns up in the chatroom for example and managing the group is left to a team of moderators, most of whom never turn up.

And one of them was a pedophile, and everyone in the chat was fully aware of the fact.

Nethaufer is one of the moderators of the Dinoparty steam group chatroom, and in 2015 he was e-dating a furry by the name of Ryze. Ryze was an immature little shit, likely due to the fact that Ryze was a 14 year old and Nethaufer was over the age of 20. Nobody cared in the chatroom, but everyone knew about it. If this seems like a dubious claim, I’d suggest you ask someone like “Robert ‘Bob’ the Kitty” or “Sausagemaster Childman” who were regulars there at the time.

Oh, and they also don’t even like me, so they’re completely unbiased about the situation.

So what did Dinoparty actually consist of during day to day operation in 2015?

  • Emo edgy teens claiming they’re going to kill themselves unless someone gives them attention daily.
  • Insane far left circlejerking among the younger members (Note: I originate from the fairly liberal Facepunch side of the internet. When I say far left, I mean the people that Jasonafex and Kabier think represents the people they disagree with).
  • Cringey pre-ERP roleplay between users, pushing the limits when admins aren’t around.
  • Armchair psychologists abound.
  • A 17 year old named “Kris” posting illegal child porn nudes of himself, and not being punished for it.

I could honestly say that the Dinoparty chatroom was the single worst place I’ve ever lingered around in. I was banned for jokingly making bets that the edgy emo teen wouldn’t kill himself. Thankfully this didn’t disqualify me from getting a free animation because Jason doesn’t follow the inner workings of his gaming community. In fact, I don’t think he does anything with it, it’s just a group run by other people to generate attention for himself, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a revolt.

Yeah it’s… really bad. Ivan Mishkov is a moderator, of course. Someone I knew named Okamatan used to moderate this place, and quit because of how awful it was, if you want a first hand description of the true dredges of humanity go ask him. It’s literally just a place people use to find ERP partners.

Act 7 – Raffle controversy

Jasonafex held a raffle for someone to get an animation of one of their art pieces for him. After the draw, the winner submitted an art piece that was SFW, and Jasonafex refused to animate it, deciding to redraw instead. This ignited a massive backlash as Jasonafex didn’t claim in the raffle that it had to be a sexual animation, and had pulled the prize from the winner on a rule he did not have.

So the poor depressed guy wins a 1 in 1300 raffle, and Jasonafex invents a rule just so that he doesn’t have to animate something that isn’t porn for once. It’s sickening to see.

This story thankfully had a happy ending, with no fewer than 19 gifts being given to the guy who was treated this way by Jason, with highlights from Fek and Trunchbull among others. Go check it out, it’ll help restore your faith in this fandom.

Jason of course decided to turn up to Fek’s animation of the picture that he refused, stating that it was “static”. Naturally this resulted in him being wiped across the floor by Trunchbull, a real animator who made a frame by frame animation for the person unlucky enough to “win” a Jasonafex raffle.

Act 8 – Cuckshack, YouTube career

After alienating himself from e621 and with most of FurAffinity now believing he’s an nonredeemable prick, Jasonafex has decided to flaunt his infamous reputation and start up a career on YouTube. Naturally, this resulted in an ad campaign on furaffinity advertising their new podcast series “cuckshack”, where they take the admittedly unproven allegations of Kabier cucking him and the admittedly proven situation where they took money to live in a “shack” and decided to wear it as their badge of honor.

Cuckshack consists of a tweened podcast where Jasonafex and Kabier whinge about the various facets of the furry fandom. It’s grating to hear honestly, and they have a bad tendency of inviting guests of a controversial nature onto their show, and circle jerking over their bad reputations, which they feel they do not deserve.

Notable guests on the show include:

  • Zaush, known for incredible artwork, a likely fake rape accusation against him, a scandal involving referencing children for porn and a bad reputation for dickish behavior over the years. (It could fill another blog post)
  • Rags, known for youtube commentaries, connections with alt-right favorite personalities and being banned from Twitter for saying “Nigger”.
  • Kothorix, who we’re going to get to later in this post.
  • 2 the Ranting Gryphon, known for his black comedy and controversial comments that may or may not be actually comedic. I hate to reference Dogpatch Press and people will call me out on it, but they frankly just did a better job of analyzing it here.

Or you could just go watch the podcasts! Seriously, they’re grating.

After this though, we’re on to the present events, and things have heated up to breaking point with the duo.

The events of the present

Act 1 – The modern YouTube battleground

Intermission 1 – The seed of war

Here’s a face you might recognize outside of the fandom, it’s LeafyIsHere, the youtuber that properly started the modern youtube stadium of war. Why is he relevant here? Because he popularized the concept of making videos to cover drama to the point where youtube commentators are now effectively clones of leafy.

And good god, it is awful. It’s a battleground of conflicting opinions and ultimately the contents of the videos don’t matter nearly as much as the charisma of the people in them. One thing is for certain though, is that complaining about things is sure to get people’s attention, be it about people, an idea or a group. This is where the new wave of furry youtubers have come in, and their influence through videos with assistance through the youtube A.I. algorithm can be rapid and shocking.

Do furry youtubers have a part to play in this? Let’s explore that.

Intermission 2 – Kothorix

This is Kothorix, he’s a furry youtuber whose main theme is pointing out things that he doesn’t like. He started a series aptly called “I hate X” which would consist of him complaining about something for a good 5-15 minutes. They started off in a comedic format, but his videos grew gradually more serious over time, and he gradually started to share his opinions and world views on things, and they are more than a little controversial.

As for this image? Oh, it’s from the time he was trying to get unbanned from F-List after deliberately targeting and trolling another user. His ‘official’ side to this can be found here, wherein he leaves out mentioning this ridiculous video and details relating to harassing another user specifically.

Here are some of his controversial opinions on things:

  • Lolicon/shotacon/cub porn is perfectly fine because art is art.
  • Zoophilia, bestiality porn is fine so long as it’s fictional.
  • Furry porn is bestiality so furries are hypocrites if they speak out against cub porn or pedophilia.
  • Pedophiles should be more accepted (subject matter of a now deleted “In Defense of Pedophiles” video)
  • Otherkin are great, guys! At least, that’s because he used to be one.
  • The furry fandom consists of a “Hivemind” that makes up the people that don’t agree with him and others.
  • While the furry fandom has pedophiles and animal rapists, it’s the SJWs that are actually the problem with the fandom.
  • There are no nazi furs
  • You shouldn’t have a fursuit
  • Abortion is murder

Ultimately the context of the videos typically involves Kothorix saying “this is the majority of people” followed with “and look at how much better I am than them”. Recently his video “The Furry Community Is Worse Than You Can Imagine” involves him starting off talking about child grooming in the furry fandom, which is a real, serious issue that should be dealt with. However, this does not last long, and he soon diverges off into complaining about a “hivemind” and how SJWs are the real problem in the fandom. Because, priorities, and he has already dug himself a hole with past commentaries.

With the Kero the Wolf scandal, Kothorix used loaded questions to benefit Kero, such as leading a question with “It was all just fantasy, right?” instead of interviewing him with difficult questions. Kothorix shows bias towards someone who was proven to have claimed to have sex with animals.

How does this relate to Jason? Well, they make up a group that includes Jasonafex, Kabier, Zaush and Kothorix himself. They have appeared in each other’s videos, they defend each other’s points, retweet each other’s tweets and push the same agendas.

It certainly is no coincidence at this point, and we are likely to see more from Kothorix in relation to backing Jasonafex’s new big project.

Act 2 – The twitter meltdowns

Kaitlyn “Kabier” Layne Kelley has apparently gone off the rails lately after backlash stemming from her remarks at a trans person. Replying to someone stating they had been blocked by the trans individual, Kabier started to insist they call them “He” out of spite. Yes, it’s your free speech right to do that, but it makes you a massive dick if you’re going to insult them for being trans rather than call them out for something they have done.

Because as a rule it’s considered completely outrageous to assault someone based on what they are, rather than what they do, say or believe in. You can’t change being trans, homosexual, disabled or born a certain sex, so we consider these to be the worst things to insult people on. Speech containing racism, homophobia, ableism and lately the rejection of trans people are among the worst things you could possibly say. It is of no great surprise that someone willing to throw around terms about what someone is in one regard will similarly do the same thing for another regard, like being racist.

It is of no great surprise that they would say things like this in the past, either.

Unsurprisingly, Kabier’s reaction certainly wasn’t to apologize or be humble about these failings, instead, as pictured above, Kabier has started calling people “NPCs” for being outraged against her. Things continued further when the plug was pulled on selling merchandise, with the following T-shirt design being sold by the merch company:

Of course, this couldn’t just come to pass. After all, despite the serious issues relating to Trans rights and the consequences of their movement, Kabier was uncomfortable that she was not included in this push for rights, as she was not trans, and decided to expand on it.

“Everyone deserves human rights” is obviously something we all agree with. However in this case it is responding to a shirt that focuses on a specific issue by deciding to include everyone in it, to the point where the specific issue is ignored.

This isn’t a new technique, in fact in the 1980s and 1990s the Straight Pride slogan was used to battle against Gay Pride, which was trying to bring Gay rights into focus.

Do you remember when people responded “All lives matter” to the “Black lives matter” movement? I’m not going to judge sides on the movement itself in this blog post but you can see the resemblance to the situation here. Of course all lives matter, nobody disagrees with that, the reason for the black lives matter slogan was to bring attention to police brutality against african americans.

It’s just a technique to trivialize serious issues and then have a “I’m just saying everyone deserves human rights! If you disagree with me you don’t think everyone should human rights!”. Great, but this was about rights for transgender people, who are facing problems you don’t have.

Kabier got a huge backlash from this, and has started blocked people en masse even if they didn’t comment on the T-shirt issue directly! The blocks are pre-emptive and help to keep Kabier’s twitter mostly full of supporting tweets.

However there’s a dropping amount of support for her tweets, and even still you can see people criticizing her in replies, even though she is trying to block them all.

Turns out more people like and retweet this shirt design than Kabier’s cheeky snipe at a design, and this is just one of many Kabier parody pics popping up lately. One can only wonder how she’s managed to block thousands of people already, and some speculate a bot is at work with it.

Even me! I believe I only tweeted about Dinoparty hypocrisy to Jason, but that’s enough to do it, apparently. You can check my twitter on that, I barely use the thing honestly, so my surprise is genuine!

Kabier has had a reputation for pulling these immature stunts though, it’s about time we recognized that and just avoided them completely, honestly.

Act 3 – Jasonafex announces a solution

Coming up to the recent days here, Jason has finally decided to do something about it. Describing himself as a “thankless martyr” despite everything listed on this page, Jason complains about how he perceives the fandom as catering to “jaded college students”. Of course, that’s just a technique to just act superior to people younger than you. Like how 30 year olds complain about people in their 20s, people in their 20s complain about people between 18-21, the college students between 18-21 complain about teens and so forth. It doesn’t actually mean anything.

Jasonafex talks about people milking money out of him, but his 5 patreons and unfinished projects are the epitome of money milking from his own fans. The highschool drama incident is just again another arrogant step to try and put himself on a higher pedestal than the people that disagree with him. “Those people who give me backlash, they’re just highschool kids!”.

So what is his solution? Build a new website for furry content and treat all content and ideas equally. Sounds great, right? Except, isn’t that what we already do? There’s mentions of extensive filters, but that’s literally just copying e621, which is practically a free speech haven honestly. Sure, there’s downvotes and rules to prevent flame wars, but unlike FurAffinity and twitter Kabier can’t just block you for commenting the wrong way on their artwork.

Of course, he just needs:

  • Web designers
  • Server hosters
  • Moderators
  • Advertisers
  • Anyone else that can go ahead and do all the work for him.

So he wants to be the ideas guy that gets the power benefit of owning a large furry community site that he intends to redefine how the fandom interacts. Good god, can you imagine a site run by Jasonafex? That would make Dragoneer look like the saint of the furry fandom by comparison, goodness.

The mention of as shaking things up is particularly rich. The concept of Gab is innocent in theory, just free speech without limits, but in practice Twitter has free speech with the exceptions of threats, harassment etc, so the only reason to go to Gab is due to being banned on Twitter, or to follow those banned on Twitter.

The result? Gab is only really used by extremists, as any moderate views are simply better taken to Twitter. Gab contains accounts that provide regular postings of videos where black people are murdered, it contains real neo-nazis and white supremacists and the dregs of the bottom of the barrel of humanity. What on earth would the Gab of the furry fandom look like? I shudder to think.

One thing Jason has confirmed is that there will be no voting on comments. That’s because he’s still upset about the fact his terrible behavior was downvoted to the point where some of his worst comments were hidden behind a button on e621. If anything, Jason wants a platform where he can say horrible things and force people on the network to view them.

Thankfully a project of this kind of scale is likely far beyond what Jason is capable of, so we may yet be able to avoid what will become a harboring ground for extremist furs and sickening content, in the same way Gab collects extremists.


So we’re at the end here, and I congratulate anyone who didn’t skim it, though I did try to categorize and provide pictures to aid skimming. There’s a lot to go over and I didn’t want to miss anything, although I am sure I’m missing many pieces of the puzzle still. Feel free to comment below or message me somewhere else if you have anything to add.

I hope this covers up the current aims of Jason/Kabier in their attempted refactoring of the furry community, and that this will serve as a warning as to just what that could end up like. I feel the furry fandom as a whole doesn’t want to move to a system where we start accepting extremists, even though some people might perceive us as being overzealous in labeling things as extreme.

You know what does make the furry fandom a better place though? More content, activity, events, and less complaining about things. My blog is guilty of being a bit of a whinge bin, but honestly the only realistic way to improve the furry fandom is to continue on the present course. Fur Affinity, for all its faults, has been evolving slowly over the past decade, and honestly, despite many people claiming about the “good old days” it is in many ways better.

Because in reality, things get better iteratively, not through revolution and building a new clique site to harbor those that agree with you.


  1. As indefensable as Kabier and Jasonafex are as people, I feel like bringing up the dogfucking comic isn’t necessary. It’s a bit uncomfortable and not appealing to a lot of people, but at the end of the day you said yourself “There‚Äôs never been any evidence that Jasonafex has engaged in bestiality[.]”
    Damning people for weird and uncomfortable comics, that are at the end of the day pixels on a screen. If you ask me that whole segment would have been better spent on his grooming of Kabier.
    Jason isn’t a creep because he mentioned that beastiality “interested him as a fetish” and his girlfriend happened to draw a comic about fantasy dogfucking, he’s a creep because he’s a pedophile and he and his girlfriend are bigots.

    1. Yes, the grooming is of course the worst thing he has done. However, most people would agree that admitting zoophilic tendencies and being open about them is still very creepy, notwithstanding that they’re both open about it and own an animal.

      The lack of evidence should not be taken as an omission of guilt, as proving bestiality crimes tends to be extremely difficult to get evidence for.

  2. Hello, could we talk more in depth about this? If you could give me an email I’d like to inquire you about some things.

  3. The root part were nicest year, the grown part is worst year

    The creator of the furry invented in 1980s as fictional species, the fursuit design old and bad and the people were friendly in a small community
    And the grown are modern day millions furries, bad furry hidden in crowd hard to get rid of it.
    when the furry artist created small sexualize art, slowly spread in epidemic, this would cause more trouble with zoophilia and pedophilia in the fandom. Mixture of the animal appearance and human body in like exotic pornography. Come up with cub porn that confused me why its allowed.

    I’m not furry, just try understand why community being toxic and understand their interaction. I’m no expert human psychology but I managed understand it.

    (if my grammar are bad that you can’t read, I apologize I’m not native speaker)

  4. 1. If animals can’t consent to sex then they can’t consent to being eaten. And unless you live in a poor food environment, eating animals is done for pleasure, not necessity. End animal abuse; go vegan now!

    2. Saying people with suicidal ideation were faking it to get attention is pretty bad.

    1. 1. “If society does bad thing A, then people doing also bad thing B is justified” – Smoothbrain logic

      2. Yeah, Kabier/Jasonafex have a very prolific record of being shitty to suicidal/depressed people

  5. Uhh… wow… I found this from, coincidentally, a Twitter post from someone who had Jason banned (or at the very least suspended) on Twitter.


  6. Only saw part of Bareback Streets (from what I’ve seen of videos, I’m not sure if whoever programmed it knew what a beat em up game looked like or how to program a video game), but now that I’ve read this, Jason is one of the most fucked up people I’ve ever read about, I have no idea how he’s got a following, and for some reason he’s now trying to sell his shit on Etsy now, but I reported him to Etsy using this as article for info (is that OK?) as predatory pedophiles and zoophiles should have platforms, and the fact he managed to get away with the former is fucking disgusting.

    Since there’s no way I’d ever read any of his comics (art of which looks mediocre at best), I’m going to go out on a limb and believe that the comics have horrid stories and that Jason (obviously) uses pornographic content as a selling point and not caring whether the comics/graphic novels are actually good or not (and from what I’ve seen of a sample, that farm one “Bareback Valley” contains bestiality no doubt), dunno how well they sold unless it was bought by perverts addicted to low quality porn.

  7. She also produced an incredible racist picture featuring sonicfox and a lot of slurs, removed it after even some of her own fans thought it was too far. I have it saved on my phone still and if that doesnt proof she’s a horrible person I dunno what will.

  8. I love this article!!!! Thank you so much for your service!! You are a national hero for going through the time and effort to construct such an amazing analytical piece about one of the furry community’s worst sus (suspect) XD
    ((seriously, you are amazing! I pray you are successful! Sorry my English bad, but i really hope i can communicate to you how much i like your work uwu)

  9. Hey, caught wind of this from a friend, I appreciate the comprehensiveness of the article here.
    I decided to come in here to close a few ends about Dinoparty, at least in a TL:DR sense but no promises.

    As far as I know it, I’m basically a ban on sight on some parts of Dinoparty since I was in-charge of their discord awhile back and after seeing the absolute “Cool Kids Only” feel the discord got, -for an intended public discord especially- I basically dismantled it after making a few changes and getting chewed out for it by a member that was literally getting free passes from Ivan Mishkov despite how fucking far he went with being petty and disruptive.

    Most of Dinoparty as it is today is dead, it imploded. Ivan now hosts his own discord server where he hoards his butt buddies. A lot of old chat goers disappeared from the face of the earth, although some are still on speaking terms with me and I still tell the story of the worst and most notorious place I had to moderate, although it’s been years and I won’t remember details as well as I used to.

    I’m still kicking around and didn’t fall off some deep-end, although I keep to myself more than anything nowadays. I’m more readily found as “Red_Azurite” on Steam which has a lot of stuff to contact me on if you’d still like to know some drudge of humanity type shit.

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