Gylala Retrospective

Here we go again…

It won’t be long until it has been two years since I’ve posted my article on Gylala, and after about 6 months of being bothered over even writing that, things seemed to have died down on my end. For the most part, I didn’t really need to worry about him anymore, because the article worked as planned:

  • Gylala brings attention to me via complaints.
  • The people outraged by things he has told them look me up and find the article I wrote on him.
  • This creates backlash when they are presented with large amounts of evidence of harassment, zoophilic behaviour and turning a blind eye to pedophiles he’s quite willing to harbor.

At the time I was actually planning on releasing a part 2 article, with all the extra evidence pulled from his discord server, of which I have a full folder of screencaps from that, but for the most part I settled on the original article doing its job well enough; Gylala’s telegram group had the most egregious material on it in any case.

I figured I had done my bit however, as reports were filing in that Gylala was being driven more than a little bit loopy by the continuous accidental posting of artwork featuring my own character in his server. He can’t really escape it anymore, and now he can’t really complain about me, lest he brings attention to me, my blog and the article written about him that he’s ashamed about.

So weren’t we all finished with this?

With 30,000 subscribers his videos have a strange amount of engagement, usually few views with very large amounts of comments on completely silent, low quality uploads. Myself and a few friends suspect he has been buying subscribers to artificially inflate his statistics, this is in-line with his previous invite-botting behavior of a couple years ago.

With all the dust and threats settled down, I figured that’d be the last of it, but it actually seems that people outside of the furry fandom got hold of my article and brought things back to light again. Curiously the community of a game I’ve never heard of nor played, Age of Civilizations where, in the time since writing my article, he has been uploading videos on his channel about it and making maps for the game.

He even has a Patreon now! For someone with 30,000 subscribers, the same amount as Kothorix when I first mentioned that dude in an article, 3 patrons seems somewhat low. Perhaps more evidence of buying subscribers?

All very well, but some people went googling and found my article, resulting in a mini drama spat starting from this tweet. After this, you can find some rather amusing perspectives on a not-so-vetted wiki about mapping for the game. These articles describe a peculiar series of events, ranging from the aforementioned tweet on Gylala’s page to some “anti-mapper” anon guy on his own page. Curiously they all seem to talk about “fake proof”.

“Fake” proof?

I wonder how it is that people came to the conclusion that what is contained in the article is fake. A dose of skepticism is often healthy, so let’s look at what would need to be done to fake the evidence given in the article:

  • The numerous chatlogs would have had to been all faked, up to a very high standard. This would be a massive undertaking.
  • The dialogue in said chatlogs would have had to been engineered to avoid appearing scripted or ‘fake’. People have different writing styles so simulating so many different people realistically would be difficult.
  • The witnesses who were there and are present in the chatlog would have to be bought out.
  • Gylala and his friends would have had to have protested against the accuracy of the evidence at the time. Instead they reacted by complaining about ‘intrusion’ into his private affairs, an admission of guilt.

To all of those who are curious about the authenticity of my article. Yes, it is possible to falsify evidence, simulate realistic dialogue and buy out witnesses, but the probability of this having been done is highly unlikely.

Of course, being the one who curated and collected all of the evidence in the first place, using searches and reading huge swathes of very vile chatlogs, I can attest that everything I included was representative of what took place there.

How can we fact check such things?

Well, one of the first things you could do is visit the people who are mentioned in the chatlogs. Most of them are quite easy to find and interview on the matter. Many people who were previously friends with Gylala have since come to me with testimonies on things he has done and verification on matters talked about in the article.

You could even interview me, as I have a large resource of additional evidence I had collected at the time, but had not written into the original article, and I have quite a few stories and amusing testimonies.

Not that I think it’s likely, but all the same.

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  1. hey dude u made a whole revolution in the mapping community and we are planning to attack gylala again we are asking you to give some contact shit like discord or something (btw i live near to gylala lmao)

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