Blacklist: Fenix-Fox, Fancy-Fancy, RyunWoofie – Fraud

It’s time for us to blacklist for good these 3 individuals for involvement in fraud:

This post is about fraud in commissions, specifically it’s about the multitude of scams committed by Fancy-Fancy/Fenix-Fox, who are the same person, as well as outing RyunWoofie for being knowingly complicit in taking the fraudulent money for over half a decade.

Fancy-Fancy / Fenix-Fox

Fancy-Fancy isn’t as well known anymore as he used to be, he’s well known for having a large amount of commissions from Ryunwoofie, in particular he bought commissions pretty much only between his own characters. This is of course unusual among commissioners, as paying for all characters in images repeatedly is extremely expensive compared to splitting it with others.

Since 2016, Fancy-Fancy has been inactive on that account, and would be considered all but disappeared but for Fenix-Fox, who shares the same naming conventions, kinks, typing style and artist taste.

Oh, and they also share the same IP address, too, because they’re the same person. Here’s an archive link for if the record/account is ever deleted.

So why create the whole new name? Well, as it turns out, Fancy-Fancy received a growing bad reputation for his scams, which we’ll get onto in the next section. Fenix-Fox/Fancy-Fancy targets relatively new commissioners, using his reputation and manipulation tactics to snare them into handing money over for his purposes.

If you encounter them, which I have first hand, they go through a series of tricks to attempt to get you to follow their will. Here are some of the things they had once tried on me:

  • First they will attempt seduction, and promise you fame and affection.
  • They will pretend to be into anything you suggest, even if they lack any knowledge on the topic, pattern matching with you.
  • Favors will asked, starting small, then asking for more and more free stuff.
  • Any refusal of demands will be met with emotional abuse, accusations of abuse from you, and dismissal.
  • Failure to break under the attempted emotional blackmail will result in being blocked and discarded.

Under the name Fancy-Fancy he had once, long ago, attempted to have me give up a space in a commission for free for him, and then immediately resorted to attacking me when I so much as suggested being uncomfortable in it. Ultimately he didn’t get what he wanted, but it was clear afterwards that this was something he would do in parallel to extract out gains from his victims.

Evidence and mechanics of the scam

The primary evidence that incriminates Fancy-Fancy is the post and comments of an ArtistsBeware page published in 2014. Here is an Archive link for if this page ever goes down.

Written into the article is substantially incriminating evidence, with comments reciprocating similar experiences and revealing a series of long scams with variations. Fenix-Fox was also incriminated in a comment once below, but it was screened due to the lack of evidence, which we thankfully have now, of him being Fancy-Fancy:

Note RyunWoofie denying them being the same person, despite having taken money from them under both names

So how do the scam mechanisms work? There’s actually multiple ways that he steals people’s money:

  • The Double Agent Split – Offer to split a commission 1/2 each to two different people, use the money from the two people to get a commission of your own for free.
  • The No Refunder – Pay the artist for the commission, then suggest you want to cancel and get a refund. When you get refunded, tell the other person that the artist hasn’t refunded you yet and walk away with the cash.
  • The Half Skipper – Get the other person to pay both halves of a split by saying you’re busy or something similar and promise to pay your half soon after, then don’t pay them for free stuff.

Here’s some spicy excerpts:

Fancy-Fancy had denied that Rajii had refunded him to BaeBunny, and as a result got to walk away with Bae’s money.
Fancy-Fancy’s manipulative behavior described, and another person scammed.
Fancy-Fancy repeatedly attempting to get himself inserted for free art
Fancy-Fancy/Fenix-Fox likes to drop people once they’re of no further use to him.


So where does Ryunwoofie come into this? Perhaps this was all a mistake? No.

Ryunwoofie replied to the journal in 2014 admitting that they had seen first hand these things before. When asked to come forward with the evidence, they played the “It’s not my business card”:

“I am not directly involved nor is it my responsibility or business to interfere with [scams]”

After this Artist’s Beware, and all of the comments in it, Ryun later commented the claim that Fancy-Fancy and Fenix-Fox were not the same person, despite taking money for commissions in both cases. Additionally, it was on a later page, showing that RyunWoofie had read the comments providing all the evidence of the scams.

Ryunwoofie continued to draw artwork for the Fancy-Fancy account using the scammed money until late 2015, almost two years after being explicitly aware of Fancy-Fancy’s fraud. After that, Ryunwoofie continues to take commissions under Fenix-Fox to this day, and prioritizes drawing his commissions first.

Ryunwoofie is the shady bike shop that knowingly buys bikes from bike thieves to make a profit. They are, in effect, allowing Fancy-Fancy to launder the stolen money by transmuting it into artwork, while Ryunwoofie reaps the monetary benefit.

There’s also pretty much no way to handle this either, FurAffinity intentionally tries to take the neutral bystander view on any transaction handled on its website, and so despite a swathe of tickets reporting the scams with evidence, Fancy-Fancy/Fenix-Fox is allowed to operate to this day.

So what do we do?

What we can do is start making it impossible for Fancy-Fancy/Fenix-Fox to show his face anymore, and to prevent them from being able to commission artists with stolen money. We can accomplish this by sharing this page and shutting down his attempts.

If you see Fenix-Fox/Fancy-Fancy approach someone you know, make sure that person is informed ASAP, I have already needed to stop them from scamming Milanolion, who had made blog posts on this site before.

We can blacklist artists that knowingly cooperate scammers, and starve them of business for their involvement in the frauds, like Ryunwoofie, who didn’t seem to care that the money was stolen if they were able to benefit from it. Shutting them down will starve scammers of reliable outs for their stolen money, as turning the stolen money into cash risks them being caught.

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