Style changes and the future of PlsKnot.Me

This site originally started as my random opinion blog that was supposed to cover mostly light-hearted topics in some kind of analytical way. Oh, and also to express frustration at the state of the commissioning sphere, with my concern usually directed towards the lack of customer rights.

Well, that didn’t last for too long. What started out as a relatively small endeavor for fun has lead to some articles on serious topics being more and more pushed by search engine rankings and individuals as the be-all, end all of a topic, like the Jasonafex controversies. While I feel my Jasonafex article does a good job of summarizing what had been known up to that point in 2018, the actual state of his endless controversies keeps rolling in.

Unless I want to dedicate my time to chronicling his life as it progresses every few months or so, it’s inevitably going to fall more and more out of date. For this reason, I’ve put a small note at the beginning of the article, and I’m seeking out a better source to put as a link right at the beginning to funnel readers off to. If you run a blog or write articles that cite accurate information with evidence and want to continue keeping the info on this up to date feel free to leave a comment, but Jasonafex isn’t a huge priority for me.

The reason I only really care about the datedness of that article is that it’s so highly ranked in search engines and receives the majority of the traffic of this site. My original intention when I wrote it was for it to have been seen by perhaps tens of people, whom I would link it to so that I wouldn’t have to explain my view repetitively. Instead it gets thousands of reads a month.

Need for stylistic change

If you read my older articles you might be persuaded into believing I hold certain views just from my writing style. My sentences flow very aggressively and I don’t really hold back in my language about a given topic. Before my site got traffic for articles on controversies the consistency hinted (I hope) that a lot of what I wrote was intentionally over the top and incorporated a lot of satire.

A lot of my phrasing is not very PC, to say the least. I’ve thrown around “Retarded” and “Mentally Ill” to refer to concepts or individuals, and the occasional “Degenerate” at a zoophile or zoophile defender. Some articles like my Bad Character Design article could now be criticized as “Gatekeeping” and I’m basically just waiting for the day it gets brought up on Twitter.

My more recent stuff has not been quite as prone to these faults, and so there’s a style shift as the blog continues to move towards more serious articles and subcultural discussion. I’m loathe to delete some of my old articles just because they’re not really how I feel or because the writing style is in bad taste of the present day and exposure.

I’m sure that people who worry that my articles are laced with dogwhistles will be delighted to know that the tone of my writing on this site is quite tame and polite compared to how I treat the likes of Neo-Nazis, Fascists and Racists. That’s not a recent shift, I’ve been dishing out full-time verbal abuse to Alt-Right morons for more than half a decade now; it’s therapeutic.

So I’m going to keep the old articles up with this disclaimer, and maintain a higher quality standard for my future articles while I’m at it. It’s pretty important that I acknowledge areas of improvement and work on it, rather than just hoping I can do whatever and see if people like it or not. That just isn’t going to work out.

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