Preface – If I’ve linked you this article, your ID checks can be spoofed in minutes, it’s privacy invading and well beyond your responsibilities in running a server.

About a year ago I went ahead and wrote an article against the common practice on Discord servers to IDs as a form of evidence. In Fort Fennec, we don’t do ID checks, because they’re painfully stupid.

Since then, the problem really hasn’t gone away, in fact it had proliferated and now we are in a situation where many particularly large servers have taken up using it, and it’s becoming a widespread practice. The reason why it’s being picked up so frequently is due to watching other people do it, rather than actually weighing up the merits of the system.

Tom Scott had made a particularly relevant video where he mentions signing up to a bank account, and requiring not only a picture of his ID but also a video of him holding it up and waving at them. To actually achieve the purpose of identifying someone in the current age, you need even more than a picture of an ID.

That’s not particularly news to anyone who had read my previous article, where I make an I.D. that you can use to bypass this trivial barrier. In wake of this, some servers have been requesting timestamps or extra things in the background for the I.D. like writing admin names on a piece of paper.

This doesn’t work either, the process to circumventing it is simple and could take less time than some people would take to do it legitimately:

  • Write the required things on a piece of paper, then place any card on top of it.
  • Take a picture with the same angle as your pre-prepared fake ID
  • Photoshop the fake ID onto the card you have on the piece of paper.
  • (Optional) Doctor the image quickly to simulate a cheaper smartphone camera

This can of course also be done with GIMP, a free program.

As mentioned in the previous article, server owners attempt to justify this by suggesting all data but date of birth be censored out, but this actually just makes it easier to doctor the ID and hide the editing work done to prevent reverse image searches.

This is an ID we created last time in under 5 minutes, that will pass almost all ID checks for discord servers

You could start requesting selfies, but then the ID must then also contain a picture of them, and people are going to object harder. Spoofers will still manage to doctor photos and win this.

Let’s make this perfectly clear. If you have ID checks, your server already has minors in your NSFW channels who used a fake ID.

The truth is that ID checks are the problem and not the solution to the minor issue. Minors who are dead set on hiding are going to bypass your system, particularly if you make it clear that the system is out to get them. In Fort Fennec we allow them to get complacent so that they can be caught and roles restricted, all without having to start collecting up IDs that could be later used for nefarious purposes.

Let’s take this to the nuclear level with a scheme:

  • A minor creates a server with NSFW channels, pretends to be an adult and invites their friends, who are in on the scheme
  • The minor puts in an ID collection policy, and collects ID images to allow access to NSFW channels.
  • All of the minors later use the harvested IDs to bypass future servers. Minors can even get people they are collecting IDs on to put in timestamps and write anything they want as ‘verification’.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Almost nobody will ever do this, we’re safe” remember that providing the ability for schemes like this to work increases their frequency and their effectiveness.

Really, the only people you’re blocking are minors who’ve never seen the system before (and they won’t be fooled twice) and people who genuinely protest to you harvesting IDs from them.

Almost nobody makes this argument anymore, it really takes someone who still believes it’s 2007 or more commonly, a lolicon defender to jump to these levels of assumptions. This is how it usually goes down:

  • Loli Fan: Lolicon is good and everyone who disagrees is an idiot.
  • Furry: I think lolicon/cub porn isn’t good because X, Y & Z.
  • Loli Fan: You are a furry, furry porn is just like bestiality, therefore you are a hypocrite.

So right off the bat you can see that this response doesn’t actually tackle any of the points X, Y and Z. Instead it attacks the person making the comment and then it accuses them of being a hypocrite. So we can immediately see dubious tactics from the Loli Fan.

Cool, but is furry porn like bestiality?

Let’s not stop just there, because also there is a false equivalence between furry porn and lolicon, viz. everything in the Loli Fan’s response has no basis. So why is it a false equivalence? Well, we have to examine why we can even compare bestiality/zoophilia to pedophilia to begin with:

Bestiality/Zoophilia Porn contains:

  • Humans performing sexual acts upon
  • Non-human Animals
  • The Animal participants are not sapient and are considered unable to give consent
  • The Human participants are sapient and can give consent
  • Thus, there is a power dynamic where the Humans cannot get consent from the Animals

Pedophilia Porn contains:

  • Adult Humans performing sexual acts upon
  • Human Children
  • The Children are not fully sapient and are considered unable to give consent
  • The Adults are fully sapient and can give consent.
  • Thus, there is a power dynamic where the Adults cannot get consent from the Children

So the underlying equivalent issue is Power Dynamics. In short, Adult Humans have significantly greater power than both Animals and Children, this means that consent cannot be reasonably given in both cases. Thus bestiality/zoophilia porn and pedophilia porn are comparable. However, let’s have a look at where Furry Porn fits into this:

Furry Porn contains:

  • Non-human Anthropomorphic Animals performing sexual acts upon
  • Humans or other Anthropomorphic Animals
  • The Anthropomorphic Animals are fully sapient
  • The Humans are fully sapient
  • Thus, there is no power dynamic as both parties are able to consent.

If you’re still confused, this can be watered down even further to Nekomimi and catgirls:

Catgirl Porn contains:

  • Non-human Nekomimi/Catgirls performing sexual acts upon
  • Humans or other Nekomimi
  • The Nekomimi are fully sapient
  • The Humans are fully sapient
  • Thus, there is no power dynamic as both parties are able to consent.

So why even try to claim equivalency?

The real reason is that Furry Porn has a certain ‘ick’ factor to it and because Lolicon has too an ‘ick’ factor the false assumption is that they’re equal because they’re ‘icky’. This ignores that Furry Porn doesn’t have the moral power dyamic issues of bestiality, while Lolicon/Cub Porn frequently shows power dynamic abuse.

Additionally, the Anime fandom has held rampant hatred for the Furry Fandom for a long time, and now that they’re under fire with legitimate criticism from all sides including from furries, they’re reverting to old techniques. Furries are long since used to being incorrectly called “dog-fuckers” despite surveys clearly showing disapproval and negative feelings towards Zoophilia in the fandom, with a minority in support.

Current activism in the fandom has placed massive pressure on zoophiles and cub porn fans, and many are being forced out of the fandom and ostracized. The same people falsely called out for ‘basically liking bestiality porn’ are ironically the same people who protested hard against zoophiles in the fandom already.

Follow up non-arguments

After you’ve pointed this out to a Lolicon fan though, expect to get one of these thrown in your face in a desperate attempt to appear relevant:

  • But she’s really a 6000 year old witch!
    • This is a meme, not an argument. Sticking a sign saying “i am 6000 years old” next to a picture of a 8 year old doesn’t change the fact that you just want to jerk off to pictures of 8 year old children.
  • Furries are into horsecock and knots, how is that not bestiality?!
    • Furries are sure into unusual shaped genitalia, including many of mythical creatures, which also many non-furries are coincidentally into. However this has nothing to do with sexually abusing animals or depicting sexual abuse of animals. You just think it’s ‘icky’, while also depicting sexual abuse of children.
  • But it’s animal genitalia, that means you want to have sex with animals!
    • Nah, the majority of furries have zero sexual interest in non-sapient creatures like real animals or even depictions, and this is backed up by data.
  • The statistics are wrong, furries must have lied on the survey!
    • Police don’t pour effort into tracking down zoophiles like they do pedophiles, and it was an anonymous survey, there is zero incentive for any of the participants to lie.
  • Furries literally just had one of their own arrested for raping animals!
    • The evidence against them was collected and filed to the police by furries, and they were publicly shamed and denounced by almost the entire fandom.
  • GTA V doesn’t encourage mass violence, so Lolicon doesn’t encourage pedophilia!
  • Lolicon is only drawn artworks, it’s not pedophilia!
    • You have a sexual preference for porn containing depictions of children, what’s that called?
  • It’s artwork, you just want to ban and censor art!
    • This is like saying the Nazi flag can’t be banned for use as a racist hate symbol because at some point somebody drew it.
  • Are you going to ban 400 year old pictures of naked baby angels, is that what you want?
    • False equivalency of tasteful nudity in classical artwork and pornography marketed towards pedophiles.
  • What about Furry Feral Porn with depicted real animals?

Small note on the data as also mentioned in the source, the rate of zoophilia in the furry fandom may not actually be measurably or meaningfully greater than the rate of zoophilia in the general population. Statistical evidence shows no firm link from the furry fandom to bestiality.



Besides the cute and well-designed mascots, e621 is a staple of the furry community in that it operates as the universal catalog for all furry artwork and unlike the way FurAffinity works, it actually allows you to find what you’re looking for. Unlike FurAffinity, which is effectively a furry form of DeviantArt that is held together with duct tape and wishful thinking, e621 is a pure imageboard. Unlike imageboards like 4chan and the furry spinoffs like ychan, fchan, pawsru and the like, e621 uses the “booru” variant of boards spawned from Danbooru. The difference? While 4chan and derivatives came from 2chan, a board based on discussion, they primarily focused on “discussion, with images”, whereas boorus operate as “images, with discussion”. It’s a subtle difference, but the fact is that with e621, images come first and foremost.

That may seem quite obvious, but take into account that it avoids or mitigates the following things that FurAffinity and other boards are plagued by:

  • Derailment of threads, making it impossible to focus on image posts
  • Censorship of comments by the post author.
  • Environment of fans around posts made by a given author, resulting in a yes-men approach in the comments.
  • Search being inconsistent or non-existent, making finding things a matter of luck.
  • The intentions of the author being equal to or more important than an image.
  • Popularity and reception of pieces being tied to the amount of followers of the poster, rather than the quality.

In effect, e621 is likely to be the only way a furry art host could hope for a neutral, hard to derail and non-toxic environment. Here’s some examples that may make you think about why this is:

  • Kaylier, an artist on FluffArea, makes a politically motivated post. In the comments, those agreeing are allowed to rage, threaten and blast those that disagree, while people that disagree are blocked and mocked in the comments section
    • When Kaylier’s art appears on e621, some commenters follow from her page, and leave toxic political remarks on the page. The comments are downvoted by the e621 community, and eventually a moderator comes in and cleans up the most disruptive comments, while the unpleasant ones remain hidden.
  • Zausage, a furry user on the knotchan image board starts a thread on canine characters, but it is derailed within a matter of minutes when it is swarmed by anonymous people arguing over the midterm elections.
    • On e621 the images have already been uploaded, and there are thousands of images to access, and additional uploads are welcomed, without any chance of derailment happening.
  • N 0 1 D, a furry fan, notices a nazi fur piece that looks like it’s traced, and the style looks awfully like another artist, Malvie. He tries to check their gallery on FA for the picture, but as it is exceptionally long it’s extremely difficult.
  • Ghoul, an artist, uploads a new image to FluffArea. It goes largely unnoticed and while he put a lot of effort in, FluffArea actually works via networking and follower farming, not quality in terms of features for images.
    • On e621, the uploaded image receives similar exposure to everything else. Images are on equal footing to get onto the popular submissions section for that day and keep climbing, allowing even unknown artists to make a hit.

e621 Take-downs

However, despite this e621 has been repeatedly put into a negative light as of late, and it comes as a result of multiple people hitting the site with take-downs. Typically, these take-downs are for trivial reasons that e621 as a site can do nothing about. The people issuing these take-downs will then go on to slag off the site and try to persuade other people to take artwork down off of the site. If e621 ceased to be the best catalog for furry images, FurAffinity would suddenly become the next step down, meaning no equal platform for reception from creators and no functional search system for images. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that people give towards pulling away their artwork from the site:

1. Art theft

Usage of images without permission is a problem all over the furry fandom, and frankly e621 is not to blame for this. It’s more of an attitude problem that isn’t likely to be solved by simply removing images from e621 altogether. Taking down art pieces from e621 reduces their exposure to everyone, so while it may hide the image away from art thieves looking on the site for their next avatar, it also prevents people who aren’t at fault from seeing your works. In the extreme case that includes Strype, where the lack of posting the images on FurAffinity instead has now made it impossible to find his new images.

And while we’re at it, e621 can be used to find the character owner and artist of pictures that are being misused. In this case it gradually becomes easier to steal the artwork of people who aren’t recognized on e621 without being detected.


You’re allowed to comment without having to worry about whether the author of the piece likes your comment or not on e621. So long as you follow the general e621 rules you’re more than welcome to criticize, make jokes and say things about the negative parts of an image that you simply would either never or almost never see on a website like FurAffinity. However, this has the potential to make some creators absolutely, unreasonably mad. Like Jiggy McJigglebones and his waifu. I honestly don’t know what to say to people like this, other than point out they have thin skin and should get out more.

3. Gender… issues?

I’m going to try my best to take this one seriously, because I honestly struggled a great deal to wrap my head around it when I first saw it. At some point several artists started taking down their pieces from e621 because the characters in the pictures were being tagged with the wrong gender. Right, except for the fact that e621 is an image search engine and needs accurate tags based on what you can see in the image only. This is the famous rule that’s called tag what you see. It’s not always implemented perfectly, for instance I still think the ruling on the Reggie animations doesn’t have a lot of backing behind it, but without the rule it would become quickly impossible to search for images correctly.

If you want to see just how bad it gets if people create their own tags, try searching for anything on FurAffinity.

So why does this matter so much? Well, some of the characters were apparently trans, although in the images they were drawn as not fully transitioned, and typically with no scars or otherwise to indicate surgery. This conflicts with the idea that people typically make intersex characters for fun all the time. Visually, without extra hints in the image it is impossible to distinguish an intersex character from a transgender character. So you can’t just tag these images as transgender, so they are tagged with tags to refer to the intersex features, and this is where people started getting really angry about it.

What terms does e621 use to define the genders in this case? Well, it uses male, female, herm, dickgirl, cuntboy. People typically get into a huff about the last two items, although they’re porn terms and simply used because they concisely describe present sexual features. The argument is that these terms are slurs, although they’re predominantly used online to refer to intersex characters in the furry fandom, or among hentai fans to refer to “futanaris”. The issue is context, and the context is that e621 is using the words to assist search only, and not as slurs to insult trans people, and besides, most of the characters they’re being applied to aren’t even claimed to be trans.

If this is you, seriously consider taking your hate out on something that’s actually trying to offend you, and not a tagging system that powers the most powerful furry search engine in existence. Jesus.

4. e621 doesn’t deserve my traffic!

You’re not fooling anyone, Jiggles.

Misdirected anger

I almost feel like these reasons that people have been using for take-downs are ultimately stemmed from them being mad at some other issue, then coming over and taking it out on e621.

You’re mad about anti-trans shit? Why don’t you stand up to people who are actually being shitty to you instead of taking it out on a search engine.

Comments bother you? Then you need to work on that, and realize that muting people is the wrong way of going about it.

Art Theft? It’s inevitable, if you’re famous on e621 someone is just going to report them anyway, and the furry community is not putting up with thieves either.

Do you realize what would happen if e621 actually stopped being used? If you decide you’re going to start pulling take-downs on boorus I would like to see your reaction to a successor to e621 put on a Russian no-DMCA host that just posts everything. Because it would make a fuckton of money from advertising, and no amount of take-downs would be able to harm something like that. So do us all a favor and appreciate the fact that we have a furry image board that respects legal artist requests and has helped carry many artists up to the top already.

I have observed this for too long, and now I have to speak about it.

The various controversies surrounding Jason “Jasonafex” Grant have been going on for several years now. It’s a good idea to take a look at the history behind all of this before moving on to his current activities and why you should be protesting against the plans that he has for the furry fandom.

There’s a lot to cover and we can’t afford missing out details, so buckle up and get ready for the ride. It’s a big one.

Continue reading

I think we’re all familiar with the concept of ‘Furry Drama’. The words just conjure up an image of an estranged ex-couple slating one another on opposite sides of the internet, flooding chatrooms with problems that nobody cares about. If not that, then the endless attention-seeking cries of an emotionally underdeveloped teenage furry threatening to kill themselves whenever anything doesn’t remotely go their way. I think we can all agree that THIS is the reason we hate things branded with the label ‘Furry Drama’ with such derision, we can all relate to a time that ‘Furry Drama’ ruined our evenings, or at least part of one.

However, the application has become completely different in recent years, to the point where I am really hesitant to ever use the word ‘Drama’ at all. If you’re unfamiliar, here is the new definition of what ‘Furry Drama’ or simply ‘Drama’ means.

‘Drama’ – Things people have said that I don’t like.

I’m in the boat of people that are sick and tired of having people just slap the ‘Drama’-word onto anything that they disagree with. It’s not just as simple as a word definition changing, oh no, it actually has to do with the direction that the Furry Fandom has been going in for the past decade or so. The reason we get in a state where people are unable to say anything in fear of being branded a ‘Drama-Llama’ has everything to do with the flawed idea that the Furry Fandom represents acceptance in its purest form. A shining beacon of acceptance that will tolerate and take in anything and anyone. The result? You’re being increasingly restricted to saying only positive things.

Acceptance above all

The Furry Fandom’s goal of acceptance has been going on for quite a while now. First it was creating a haven for LGBT people, and it’s produced a really interesting demographic where heterosexual people are a minority. The reason for this is still a mystery. The Furry Fandom accepts all kinds of genders, sexualities, religions, races, nationalities and colours. I can find little to fault in that pure idea. However, this has started to extend to accepting anything, and the boundaries on what is and is not acceptable are blurring all the time. Here are some of the things we’ve started accepting and tolerating within the Furry Fandom that have become ‘Normal’ for some or many people:

  • Zoophilia is rampant, popular artists often draw zoophilic and bestiality porn, and well-known furries admit to being zoophiles. In some cases, furries have admitted to having sex with animals on numerous occasions.
  • Cub porn is acceptable, despite the fetish that it entices being pedophilia. Cub porn is banned from Fur Affinity, but only because of advertiser complaints. Some cub porn remains on FA due to being drawn by high profile, high-connections artists.
  • Nazi furs and fascist furs have been around for a long time, and only recently have people started doing anything about it.
  • Scam artists are protected heavily, with criticisms and reports of scams being labeled ‘Drama’ and the scam victims being punished for it.
  • Sexual abuse scandals are covered up on numerous occasions.

What isn’t ‘Drama’

Here’s some things that aren’t drama, but would likely be labeled as such:

  • Linking to profiles of art/character thieves.
  • Criticism of artists that aren’t completing work and aren’t giving out refunds.
  • Linking to profiles of scam users that receive commissions but then do not pay, or charge back their credit card payments.
  • Criticism towards users for being underage and being allowed to browse porn.
  • Posting evidence of being stalked and harassed in the hopes of subduing the harassment.
  • Posting screenshots of public comments/tweets/blog posts that self-incriminate a user.
  • Warning people of a proven scam.
  • Disagreeing with your opinion.
  • Naming and identifying zoophiles and pedophiles, especially when they have sexually abused a child or animal.
  • Not following the herd and doing what everyone else is doing.

I think most of the things on this blog that people agree are genuinely awful have been defended as being ‘Drama’ on my end time and time again. This isn’t an excuse for your deplorable behaviour and I’m not going to take it as an excuse any longer.

Cut that shit out.