A small note: Since the publication of this article there have been numerous, more severe events better documented elsewhere than here, including Jasonafex’s 1 month FA ban for uploading sexually suggestive audio of a 15 year old minor and other controversies. Until an update is made, other sources will have more up to date information.

I have observed this for too long, and now I have to speak about it.

The various controversies surrounding Jason “Jasonafex” Grant have been going on for several years now. It’s a good idea to take a look at the history behind all of this before moving on to his current activities and why you should be protesting against the plans that he has for the furry fandom.

There’s a lot to cover and we can’t afford missing out details, so buckle up and get ready for the ride. It’s a big one.

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I think we’re all familiar with the concept of ‘Furry Drama’. The words just conjure up an image of an estranged ex-couple slating one another on opposite sides of the internet, flooding chatrooms with problems that nobody cares about. If not that, then the endless attention-seeking cries of an emotionally underdeveloped teenage furry threatening to kill themselves whenever anything doesn’t remotely go their way. I think we can all agree that THIS is the reason we hate things branded with the label ‘Furry Drama’ with such derision, we can all relate to a time that ‘Furry Drama’ ruined our evenings, or at least part of one.

However, the application has become completely different in recent years, to the point where I am really hesitant to ever use the word ‘Drama’ at all. If you’re unfamiliar, here is the new definition of what ‘Furry Drama’ or simply ‘Drama’ means.

‘Drama’ – Things people have said that I don’t like.

I’m in the boat of people that are sick and tired of having people just slap the ‘Drama’-word onto anything that they disagree with. It’s not just as simple as a word definition changing, oh no, it actually has to do with the direction that the Furry Fandom has been going in for the past decade or so. The reason we get in a state where people are unable to say anything in fear of being branded a ‘Drama-Llama’ has everything to do with the flawed idea that the Furry Fandom represents acceptance in its purest form. A shining beacon of acceptance that will tolerate and take in anything and anyone. The result? You’re being increasingly restricted to saying only positive things.

Acceptance above all

The Furry Fandom’s goal of acceptance has been going on for quite a while now. First it was creating a haven for LGBT people, and it’s produced a really interesting demographic where heterosexual people are a minority. The reason for this is still a mystery. The Furry Fandom accepts all kinds of genders, sexualities, religions, races, nationalities and colours. I can find little to fault in that pure idea. However, this has started to extend to accepting anything, and the boundaries on what is and is not acceptable are blurring all the time. Here are some of the things we’ve started accepting and tolerating within the Furry Fandom that have become ‘Normal’ for some or many people:

  • Zoophilia is rampant, popular artists often draw zoophilic and bestiality porn, and well-known furries admit to being zoophiles. In some cases, furries have admitted to having sex with animals on numerous occasions.
  • Cub porn is acceptable, despite the fetish that it entices being pedophilia. Cub porn is banned from Fur Affinity, but only because of advertiser complaints. Some cub porn remains on FA due to being drawn by high profile, high-connections artists.
  • Nazi furs and fascist furs have been around for a long time, and only recently have people started doing anything about it.
  • Scam artists are protected heavily, with criticisms and reports of scams being labeled ‘Drama’ and the scam victims being punished for it.
  • Sexual abuse scandals are covered up on numerous occasions.

What isn’t ‘Drama’

Here’s some things that aren’t drama, but would likely be labeled as such:

  • Linking to profiles of art/character thieves.
  • Criticism of artists that aren’t completing work and aren’t giving out refunds.
  • Linking to profiles of scam users that receive commissions but then do not pay, or charge back their credit card payments.
  • Criticism towards users for being underage and being allowed to browse porn.
  • Posting evidence of being stalked and harassed in the hopes of subduing the harassment.
  • Posting screenshots of public comments/tweets/blog posts that self-incriminate a user.
  • Warning people of a proven scam.
  • Disagreeing with your opinion.
  • Naming and identifying zoophiles and pedophiles, especially when they have sexually abused a child or animal.
  • Not following the herd and doing what everyone else is doing.

I think most of the things on this blog that people agree are genuinely awful have been defended as being ‘Drama’ on my end time and time again. This isn’t an excuse for your deplorable behaviour and I’m not going to take it as an excuse any longer.

Cut that shit out.

Sometimes it’s nice to look at the improvement that popular artists have made over time. For example Zeta-Haru:



You can really see how he’s improved on lighting and especially that neat fur shading visible on the tail, hair, ears. The tail looks less tacked on and the background is nicer. There’s just one thing that feels off here.


The dates are REVERSED

The second image was a recent YCH auction that went for $500. The quality has gotten lazy and the pricing has gone through the roof. I mean, the posing is also just so dull for an artist that’s been considered automatically $300+ on auctions for the past 4 years. Compare it to 4 years ago when people started taking real interest in his artwork:

That’s more like it, not obscuring half of the body of a character so you don’t have to draw it and tacking the tail on as an afterthought. Look at the highlights and how they’re missing from the recent pictures. This new work is much less appealing, if not for how the FA economy really works (popularity contests, ego wars), these pieces would stop selling for maximum price. It’s just outright greedy.

Have you ever seen a character that you cannot help but sigh at? Something so poorly though out or original that you wonder what on earth the person owning it was thinking when they made it. There’s a shocking amount of characters like this in the furry fandom, so here’s a list of the some of the traps you don’t want to fall in when making your character:

  1. Too many colors AKA Sparkledog – Don’t be that guy that has 10 different bright colors on their character. Stick to a solid color scheme that doesn’t look like a neon mess.
  2. Rainbow Sparkledogs – What’s worse than having too many bright colors? Having the entire spectrum of bright colors on your character.
  3. Shadow Assassin – Oh your character is an assassin? Does he also happen to be a scarred black wolf with murdered parents? You should try not making a bad fanfiction stereotype of a character.
  4. Flames coming out of one/both eyes – Makes you look like you’re trying to be an anime badass, while making them look ridiculous.
  5. Thicc AKA Obese – Do you seriously think making your character look like they belong on “My 600-lb Life” is a good idea? As a side note, adding a word replacer to your browser that replaces “thicc” with “morbidly obese” makes this much more hilarious.
  6. Excessively complicated Tattoos – Nobody can draw these correctly, so 90% of the time it gets drawn out flat and added as a layer, making your commissions look terrible.
  7. Heterochromia – Rare condition that affects about 0.25% of people and 50% of furry characters, can’t you think of other ways to make your character interesting than different eye colors?
  8. Based on an anime/movie character – What the hell are you even thinking? Have bonus points for contributing to the “furries ruin everything” problem.
  9. The generic – Hello no-marking orange fox and grey wolf. Thanks for contributing to the pool of characters that all look identical. What’s the point of having your unique character if it’s impossible for anyone to distinguish them from 1000 others, it’s laziness.
  10. Lazy design AKA You tried – Oh, your character is a fox, except all of his fur is pink. Completely red cat with white belly? You’re so creative.
  11. Copycat – Oh, you like Artica? Better make a complete clone with slightly different markings.
  12. Information overload AKA Complicated character fee – You know what your character needs? Horns, and antlers, and don’t forget tattoos, scales, a scorpion stinger, four arms, fur tufts, abnormal ears, gradient fur patterns and a custom species. It’ll help hide up the fact that you SUCK at design.
  13. Douchebag – So you’ve avoided the above traps? Well, not wanting to avoid being put into one category or other, you’d better start making your character as unlikable as you possibly can. Make them blackmail people, hack into their accounts, commit robbery, assault and murder and all-around act like a complete edgelord. Just remember to make sure you make an unrealistic world that doesn’t immediately imprison or beat their ass because after all, you’re the God of your own creation.
  14. Clashing color scheme – Don’t put neon green next to neon red, you look fucking terrible. Yes, that includes Majira Strawberry, just look at any art piece he’s ever received, that’s why you don’t put neon purple, green and yellow all next to eachother. Mischief makers had to pull off a fucking miracle to prevent him looking like some sort of monsterĀ  from a nightmare about candy crush.
  15. Otherkin – I’m getting really fed up with dealing with these retards. No, that’s not your ‘biological body’, you’re mentally ill. Even if it was, you change it every 2 months so how the hell does that work?
  16. Feral animals – You’re really not making a good case for yourself when your character is a feral dog. Oh, and you just had it drawn being fucked by an anthro or human, because you want everyone to know you’re into bestiality and want to fuck dogs.
  17. Proprietary species – Sergals are a big example, and it’s not their design that’s terrible, it’s that they are provided on a proprietary license. Now everyone is doing this, and in some cases you can’t even make a character of a certain design unless you pay because of “closed species”. You know primagens that are being sold? I know the guy who invented their design years before and he never gave permission for them to be made a closed species and sold. If he wasn’t such an uncaring edgelord they could be made free again, but until then you’re just fucked. God forbid you try making money off a character of a species that someone has pretend-copyrighted.
  18. Wings – Are you an avian? Do you only want to get solo pictures? That had better be the case because these look silly on anything else and take up the entire space of a given image. No wonder most artists will charge you for them or not draw them at all. Try not looking like you decided to be an angel as an afterthought.
  19. Demon/Satan – So your mental age is 10 years old. I bet you can’t go 10 minutes without calling something autistic, drawing a swastika or spouting a racial slur.
  20. Bad prosthetics – I hope you have a good story to go with those cybernetic enhancements that doesn’t devolve to “my cybernetic eye helps me with hacking”. If you don’t want to fall under the category of shit cybernetics, get it designed by someone like Strype and make sure that it makes sense. Robotic arms don’t make you stronger, they’re heavy and need power supplies. It doesn’t make you a super hero.
  21. Shapeshifter – Please just decide on a character design.

Is it possible not to associate this with psychological cash-grabs these days? I’m skeptical.

Patreon as a model has been extremely irritating in the furry community for quite a while now. Originally starting as a monthly tip jar for friends and artists, it’s quickly become abused for the sake of bilking money out of patrons. I’ve tried to avoid it for so long, I really have, but it has gotten to the point where I can’t play along with this ludicrous model and I’m unable to stop myself being affected by its rising popularity. I’m going to start labeling these Patreon techniques wildly used as “Naytreons”, and you should too.

Is your Patreon a Naytreon? Let’s find out with some examples:

  • Raffles – This has essentially the same problems as any lottery. To win the average person would have to spend way more than the prize is worth. It’s misleading and unethical. These are extremely common with furry Patreons.
  • Exclusive commissions – Trying to secure a commission slot to pay an artist to draw for you is difficult with competition normally. Now with the advent of Patreon, you have to pay in order to compete with the 50 other people who pay for a chance at a commission. Your chances have actually decreased because everyone who wants a commission is now paying for that chance. Why are we PAYING for a CHANCE to pay the artist?
  • Hard paywalls – This is a business model that doesn’t even work for conglomerations of furry artists. Do you know how many people subscribe to HardBlush nowadays? They are operating at a loss now, and their personal image is the only valuable thing they have left. It also sucks for your fans who aren’t interested in joining the equivalent of a one-person paysite. Also anyone who wants to bypass it just has to go to Yiff.Party and don’t even bother with tools to ‘invisible watermark’ your stuff nowadays. This isn’t 2008, there are neural networks that will complete annihilate any invisible watermarking.
  • Soft paywalls – For when you don’t want to look like a paywall. Everything is posted online, but at tiny, jpeg compressed resolution. Wake-up call for you guys, it’s 2018, on modern displays 1280×1280 is the size of the start menu on your computer. Did you also know that Waifu2x is going to put this model out of business soon? That’s right, a neural net that upscales artwork to visible resolutions and removes jpeg compression artifacts.

Patreon is also pure evil when it comes to collecting payments. It performs some nasty tricks to try and keep you subscribed. Have a look at the cancellation process:

  • When you go to cancel, Patreon will attempt to bill you for the remainder of a month for content you’ve already accessed.
    • Sounds fair right? No. I joined a pledge on May 28th, billed June 1st and it’s July 1st today. I’m exiting before I’m billed for another month.
    • Because of this, Patreon tried to bill me anyway, and was forcing me to choose between keeping my pledge or wasting money on a month’s membership that I don’t even fucking GET.
    • The only way to get around this is to remove Patreon payments on your PAYPAL account and allow the payment to bounce.
    • No doubt someone is going to get a notification that I bounced a payment and call me a scammer. Well, fuck you patreon, you permanently stick your users in a state of don’t cancel, or burn money to leave.
      • This kind of shit is regularly pulled by other evil subscription services like your ISP and phone company.


Patreon trying to charge me for a month that I won’t even receive content for. Go fuck yourself, Patreon.

Patreon doesn’t mention that it can’t hold money that they don’t even have ransom. PayPal gives no shits.


I can honestly say that I don’t want to ever get involved in the mess that is Patreon ever again. I’d rather artist commission prices be higher than pay for the chance to receive the privilege of giving them more money.

And fuck this paywall nonsense, I’m not going to pay for all of the 5000 different personal paywalls that you artists put up, even your pledgers likely use Yiff.Party for other patreons because there’s no other choice when you’re already spending up to your limit on bypassing paywalls.

What a sad state of affairs.