Well here is a little comic I drew. It’s one of those self deprecating, badly drawn depression comics that you see a lot of on the internet. Can you relate to it in some way? Raise your paw if you ever tried to draw something only for it turn out crap, and then felt bad. There’s magic in the 21st century however. Things that makes us sad also brings us joy because it brings us closer to other people who are sad. I don’t know where I was going with this, I think I’m trying to sound deep and smart, but I’m not really. Anyways I put a lot of thought into this comic (I’m not sure I can call it a comic(shouldn’t they have more than two panels???)), but I don’t really want to review or explain it myself, I might come off as pretentious, sorry. I’m just rambling now ramblerambleramble hey what are you doing let go off me I haven’t finished my blo-

It’s a running gag amongst the furry world that we’re all size queens, and I’m no exception. At least when it comes to art, the sizes of real penises are really not an issue as any sane person will tell you, with a lot of the big dick pics you’ve seen on the internet being badly photoshopped to the point of being comical. It makes you wonder how they could get erect without fainting.

In the furry world though, we’re really trying to deal with fantasy, and not reality. In fantasy, everything appears smaller than it really is, volumes aren’t considered quite so clearly and we have to do a bit of addition to make things look right. When drawn, a 5 inch penis can start to look comically small on anything that isn’t a small character, and starts to stand out immediately. Why is this the case?

It can get a bit more complex with individual animal attributes, but for now, we’re going to focus on the body type of the character in question, with some examples. The body types that we use in furry artwork are exaggerated and flawless, and a large amount of the male characters come under two categories:

  • Athletic, perfectly toned males that fill the dominant or top role in images
  • Curvy, sleek femboys that fill the submissive or bottom role in images.

It gets more complex with dad bods and bara, but these two tropes are the main furry ones and likely influence the majority of it. So let’s take a look over these in detail

The athletic tops

I’m going to provide a popular image drawn by wolfy-nail here as I think it’s a perfect example for this trope, along with pretty much all the males that wolfy-nail draws.

You can clearly see the widened bone structures, muscle placement, and of course the dick and ball size that we’re talking about in the article. These males are usually drawn to be very large in size too, such as being anywhere from 6’5” to 8’5” tall, which also effects how big body parts such as penises are going to have to be in dimensions. As you can see quite clearly, the ballsack typically makes up the side of a large closed fist, with the knot typically maintaining similar or the same girth. It makes sense, you want them to match the size of the shaft, and there’s always a fetish involved for letting the balls touch when the dominant male has a pair that is far larger. At least that’s how it is for me, there’s something really pleasing about the idea of getting wrecking balled from behind while getting fucked.

If you lay the shaft down against the character’s body you would be able to notice that it would reach up to the diaphragm area on this male, if not beyond, making it about forearm sized (if not 1.25x a forearm) in length. As a knotted shaft the girth is thinner away from the knot, but typically on large males this often gets drawn as wrist or forearm width. A large penis is commonly shown in humans as reaching up to belly button height, this extends twice beyond that. So just how big is this wolf dick in the image? Well seeing as we assume it to be forearm length we can use some mathematics and proportions based on the height of the character to figure out how long it is.

At the forearm size assumption we can presume it’s 1/7th the height of the character in furry art, which makes proportions exaggerated. At the 1.25x we could say 1.25/7. So let’s map that out into heights and sizes:

  • 6′ Tall character: 1x forearm = ~10.3 inches, 1.25x forearm = ~12.9 inches
  • 7′ Tall character: 1x forearm = 12 inches, 1.25x forearm = 15 inches
  • 8′ Tall character: 1x forearm = ~13.7 inches, 1.25x forearm = ~17.1 inches
  • 9′ Tall character: 1x forearm = ~15.4 inches, 1.25x forearm = ~19.3 inches

Now that’s one big boy, as you can see the size increase is relatively linear with height, but you may wish to take care to make sure your character’s dick is going to fit realistically (with some flex) into another character. As a rule I’d recommend not breaking the 20 inch dick length barrier, but I’ll go into this more in detail in a bit.

How wide’s that dick? Well, you can eyeball it and see that it’s about three times as long as it is wide on the thin shaft segment, so that’s going to be a heck of a girthy shaft to take, you’re looking at anywhere from 3 inches on the 6′ 1x to 8 inches on the 9′ tall 1.25x badass example. You may want to scale the numbers down to fit the idea in people’s heads, I’d recommend going no higher than 5” in girth (diameter, not circumference). In terms of volume, remember that 3D shapes obey the square-cube law, so increasing any single dimension makes it larger not linearly, but extremely exponentially. Remember, your victim’s organs need room too in there. Here are some suggestions for dick sizes for your next daddy wolf (The lengths are also applicable to human penises! But I’ll have to go over equines separately):

  • 6′ Tall: 10-12” Length, 2.25-2.5” Girth, 2.75-3.0” Knot
  • 7′ Tall: 12-15” Length, 2.5-2.75” Girth, 3.0-3.25” Knot
  • 8′ Tall: 13.5-17” Length, 2.75-3.0” Girth, 3.25-3.5” Knot
  • 9′ Tall: 15-19” Length, 3.0-3.25” Girth, 3.5-3.75” Knot

You might notice that the girth is not represented as high here, while you might find bad dragon toys like Cole that will put a much bigger girth compared to length. However, this is for artwork and perhaps roleplay, and furries ultimately have a big depth fantasy, with less of an idea about just how wide they can stretch without bumping into the bone structure of their body. That being said, these girths are nothing to sniff at, although even the largest dimensions listed are actually possible to take by a human being, with a large amount of training and practice. It’s just a matter of extending the belief of the viewer/reader for long enough to think that with adequate training either they or someone else could handle such a thing.

A small note on equine shafts

Equine shafts are typically drawn 4-4.5x as long as they are wide, and you will want to take care to not make them excessively long. The lengths given above are actually a good guideline, although you may wish to choose the measurements on the larger limit for equines compared to the shorter ones. You can add a couple of inches to the length and then adjust girth appropriately if you want a bigger size, but you don’t want to go more than that. An example would be a 7” Tall zebra with a 15” shaft, with a 3.25-3.75” girth. Sounds good to me, I don’t know about you.

The femboys

Zeta-haru has got a good art piece to use as an example here, and you can clearly see how femboys are typically drawn with simplified, toony dicks, with fewer veins and relatively clean curves. It’s swept forward in the pose, but normally these femboy penises will reach up to belly button and a bit beyond, not so much as to draw a huge amount of attention. After all, in this case, the penis is more of a handle than a focal sex object on the submissive males of the fandom, with a lot of focus going towards the butt area on femboys. Too small though, and it starts looking shrunk as if by hormones, meaning that your average furry femboy is drawn as decently well endowed. As a rule, 6-10” dicks on your femboys should make sure that they’re going to look pretty decent while they’re getting their ass rammed by a larger male. You should also notice the coinpurse sized sack on femboys, it’s designed to contrast with the larger males in the previous category, and makes for some sweet balls-deep images.

How much dick can furries take?

Well, anally, a surprising amount! The rectum is not so large, but the sigmoid colon can be straightened out to create a hilariously long section of internal tissue to ram things up into, and unlike misconceptions it’s pretty damn durable and stretchy, which any XL Chance owner will inform you of. You start bulging out after about 10-13 inches of shaft going into your body, depending on how tall you are, this is because the sigmoid colon is a 3D shape that wraps behind the pubic bone and then moves out to near the surface of the abdomen.

Around this point the shaft has worked its way to being close to the surface, so you get the visible bulge. How prominent it is depends on the firmness of the object moving inside as well as the girth of it, which is why Bad Dragon Chance dildos are so effective at it, with the broad, blunt tip that is pretty resistant to being squeezed near the surface of the abdomen. You can actually keep going for another 10 inches or so after this point if you don’t mind traversing the sigmoid in its entirity and working up the colon, but there is a right angle that is impossible to pass with a rigid body at the transverse colon, where you can go no farther.

How deep can you get then? About a couple of feet inside you, actually! It’s not a straight tube, there are bends and curves that increase the length, and all in all you probably don’t want to exceed 20 inches at the most extreme end, which is why I mentioned 20 inches as a limit for dick sizes on furry characters, so long as you want to have them be relatively realistic to fuck.


I’m looking forward to seeing more belly bulge capable wolf doms though, that excites me.

So there is an idea that I have ben throwing around in my head for a while, which is licensing my character under copyleft. For those who aren’t aware of copyleft, it is a licensing system that allows people to copy and make changes to something, but does not allow them to copyright it. It’s usually done for free, open source software, but it has other uses, and the idea that I have in mind is to tackle the following problems:

  • Post of commissioned works without credit
  • Character theft
  • Impersonation
  • Maintaning reasonable distribution rights

It’s a pain in the ass to track down usages of my character, and even more annoying if they aren’t interested in cooperating. Impersonators are particularly bad, and even someone who claimed they weren’t trying to impersonate me signed up for a discord and twitter account in my name.

I have the power to grant the right to use the likeness of my character, but there is never anyone that bothers to ask, and it’s gotten pretty bad. Even if I grant a clause for people to use my character with credit, it’s ambiguous as to whether the need for credit works when people use my character from someone that is already using it. I originally thought about making my character public domain if I was to die, but the problem occurs with that people can then make derivatives and start licensing them for their own needs, and it doesn’t encourage freedom.

That is where a copyleft license comes in.

A good copyleft license will allow for other people to use my character under the agreement that they copy the license that the character uses. The license prohibits relicensing and requires the license to be posted, which has the credit in place. It deters the need to steal without credit in the hopes that people will not figure out and message me about my character being stolen, and brings the credit attention back to me, it’s a win-win situation.

It will also assist with avoiding the ambiguity on distribution of my character, it requires a source and the notice to be placed with the image.

There is a theoretical problem with trolls and such being able to edit images without explicit permission, but the license would be only for my character, not the artwork. The artwork would be licensed under the terms of the artist, who retains copyright and may exercise their rights over it however they wish. Other characters in the image would also not be licensed under the copyleft license, and thus they also have rights over the image. A troll would have to actually draw a new artpiece to mock my character, but that seems far fetched.

There is a degree of issue with regards to fetish uses, I’m not exactly keen on someone putting my character in a diaper and drawing scat porn, so the license likely would have to cover that, although I’m not sure how it would be accomplished. It could be accomplished by allowing new works to be rated PG, but no further to prevent such things, but it is quite restrictive. I’ll have to think on it.

It could be considered the opposite of a crazy restrictive license.


Not really, it’s more annoying than anything. It’s not too big of a secret that my e-mail address had to be registered in the first few hours Outlook.com was brought online, and as a result I now have a surprisingly popular address that is subject to a lot of accidental attention. That’s what you get for naming it after a YTMND meme from 2005

I think I’m going to make this clear though, signing up to places with a random e-mail you think couldn’t possibly be used is a bad idea. There have been tens of people who thought my one wasn’t used, or wasn’t a real address. The first thing I do when I find out is immediately reset the password and get into the account that apparently now belongs to me. See, it says right there on the account, it belongs to the owner of that e-mail, which is me, not them.

I’ve been inside facebook accounts, fast food sites, etc, it’s crazy what people will just sign up to with an impossible e-mail address. Some were even stupid enough to leave their payment details in the accounts, and were very lucky that I simply deleted the account rather than empty their bank accounts or send 100 pizzas to their door, on them. I’m never malicious, but a bit of fun is in order if you’re silly enough to register your social media under someone else’s e-mail address.

Fair warning kids, if that e-mail isn’t yours, then neither is your account.

The face you’re looking at belongs, or rather belonged to David Gregory Brown (1991-2018), also known as Zidonuke in the furry fandom. This greasy-haired picture of him was taken last year after a car crash that left two passengers, members of the furry fandom Kalili Youngblood and Galonodel, dead. At first glance you might think that it was simply a tragic accident, but that wasn’t the case.

The reality was that this was a high-speed police chase with Zidonuke driving at up to 119mph in a BMW, as measured by the car’s computer just before the impact. This was after ignoring a traffic stop and running a red light to escape. He was then dragged out of the car by the pursuing officer who attempted to fight the fire of the now burning car. Kalili Youngblood died of blunt trauma on impact, while Galonodel burned alive, trapped in the back seat of the car. He pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter and was due to be sentenced February 23rd, 2018.

He committed suicide last week on February 21st, 2018, before he could be sentenced.

There were previous traffic charges of speeding and erratic lane changes in 2010 and 2014, but what the furry fandom truly remembers Zidonuke for, is the destruction he brought to online communities, including furry ones. A prolific hacker, Zidonuke’s early exploits included the creation of the cheat “YiffCraft” in conjunction with Mark Dietzer, also known as Doridian for MineCraft. The cheat client was unusual in that it didn’t just offer an unfair advantage to the user, but that it allowed the user of the cheat to crash the servers they were playing on.

Yiffcraft prominently displayed the Second Life avatars of self-confessed zoophile Doridian and Zidonuke

There’s good reason to believe that Zidonuke was involved also in Doridian’s MCAdmin plugin for Minecraft, the reigning admin plugin before bukkit, which came to collapse after it was revealed that MCAdmin had a backdoor programmed into it, breaching the security of the majority of minecraft servers at that time. He released an unofficial craftbukkit build before going on a rampage over the top 100 minecraft servers with the crash feature of the hacked client.

Zidonuke’s attitude in the SL community of 2011 was unsurprisingly poor, including being banned from SLUniverse after having his posts censored for matching IP addresses up to individuals after logging them.

In 2011 he also became a developer for Pokemon World Online (PWO) on July 14th. Four days later, on July 18th, he posted the following message in game:

This message was the first of many issues that took until August 15th to resolve.

What followed was a massive attack on PWO that crippled the game and forums over the course of a month. Every user was affected, with staff IRC accounts being hacked, PWO’s data and server side code being deleted, the entire username/password data for users being released and DDoS attacks following.

In February 2011 Zidonuke was a coder and administrator for F-List, but was caught spying on users via a TCP dumper and promptly banned. It was then revealed that he had put backdoors in place throughout the site, and immediately set to work causing damage to the site. All users were made admins, bans were removed and the source code was posted online. All users were able to see E-mail addresses, IPs and user logs while the attacked site was still up. It took 5 days to restore F-List to working condition from backups.

Soon after he dropped out of college.

Late 2011 he released a griefing and hack client for Terraria. He later worked on TShock, which took a huge publicity hit from having him part of the team. This eventually lead up to the pulling of StarryBound in 2014 which raises many points, including collusion between Adam Walker, also known as Crashdoom, Doridian and Zidonuke.

In 2014, despite this, Zidonuke was announced as the new member for development on FurAffinity, under the sockpuppet account StarryKitten. All hell broke loose after it was revealed, and digital sleuthing revealed more troubling things about him. Despite claims that he was no longer involved in hacking, at the time this screenshot was taken, he was still a regular HackForums user:

Naughty, naughty, Zidonuke still active in the security exploit community when this image was taken back in 2014

He kept a low profile for a couple of years until the car crash on January 2017, with the onset of having to actually take real responsibility for his blatant disregard for other people setting in, the effects of it clear with the impending court case and later sentencing.

That’s the last we’ll hear of Zidonuke.